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Skillful and Knowledgeable, an Outstanding Disability Attorney

I was referred to Jim after my SSDI Request for Redetermination was denied.

My original disability claim had been filed by a company claiming to specialize in disability—yet I was never allowed to speak with an actual attorney and I did everything except the original electronic submission of the claim—which was compiled by a low-level intake person. I dismissed them after my original claim was denied.

I was immediately delighted to have found Jim. My first call was with Jim personally and he was thorough and informative. He has extensive expertise and reassured me that our case was strong. He advised me along the way and dealt with my panic.

Jim’s diligence and expertise in crafting a brief for my hearing resulted in a very short hearing and a fully favorable decision. Jim’s thorough knowledge of relevant law, his review of my previous submissions and my medical records, and his understanding of my conditions resulted in a brief that left the hearing judge in need of little additional evidence.

I am very grateful to Jim for his expertise, patience and professionalism. I was desperate, feeling out of options, and he achieved a positive outcome which I am certain I could not have achieved on my own.

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