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The VA disability claim process is intentionally frustrating and difficult. The VA protects the solvency of their disability fund against weak or false claims zealously and demands absolute proof that your disability prevents you from working. Read on to learn more about the VA disability claim process and how an Illinois VA disability attorney can help you get the benefits you deserve.

1. Consultation: Learn How We Can Help

We will start by discussing your case and gathering the facts, including your VA rating decision. Then our attorneys will analyze the factors that may be impacting your claim and look for actionable errors. If we find an error we believe can be resolved, and our capacity allows us to take the case, we will accept it.

2. Representation 

A contract for our services will be offered to you, and we’ll talk about what you can expect next, including how the process will work, how long it may take, and the evidence that may be needed. We’ll also discuss our fees. Only veterans with a current case that is eligible for appeal may enter into a fee contract with an attorney regarding their VA disability claim.

3. File Review

Once we obtain signed forms of representation, we will submit said forms to VA, allowing us to access your VA file through VA’s electronic database.

4. Strategizing

We will review your file and determine what claims should be pursued and determine the appropriate route to pursue your appeal.  VA currently offers three alternatives:  Supplemental Claim, Higher Level Review, and BVA Notice of Disagreement.  Each option offers its own advantages and determining the correct option will help you obtain benefits in the soonest possible manner.

5. Evidence Gathering

We will discuss the medical evidence required to prove your claim. This may include private medical records, service medical records, and possibly obtaining an independent medical opinion if necessary. In addition, it is also frequently helpful to get statements from family members, friends, or fellow service members.

6. Submit Evidence and Appeal

Once we have all the evidence, we submit your appeal along with a brief to highlight the evidence in support of your claim.

Talk to a Trusted VA Benefits Attorney Today

The earlier you involve a VA disability lawyer in the claims process, the faster your case is likely to be processed and your benefits awarded. The Comerford Law Office, LLC, is honored to help those who sacrificed on behalf of our nation. If you or a loved one are fighting to receive VA disability benefits, we may be able to help. Contact our office today to schedule a free case evaluation with our experienced veterans’ benefits attorney. We have offices conveniently located in Chicago and Highland.

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