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    Great Service!

    Mr. Comerford is a brilliant lawyer who assisted me with my VA disability case. I had been denied in the past, and he knew exactly what to do. Thankfully, he resolved my issue with the VA, getting me the rating I deserved. I am very happy and pleased with his service. I highly recommend Mr. Comerford for your disability needs if you are having problems. He is professional and responds very quickly whenever you may have questions or concerns.

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    Jim has been unbelievable in my VA disability case. He is down to earth, compassionate, realistic, and knowledgeable. Jim explains everything so you can understand and treats you with the utmost respect. I greatly appreciate is his rapid response to calls and emails. If he is unable to take your call he gets back to you very fast. Jim helped me get the rating I deserved and kept me informed along the way. He even found increased ratings where I did not think I rated. I am forever grateful for his passion, patience, and expertise with my case. I highly recommend him to my fellow veterans if you are getting the run around with the VA.

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    J. Justice
    Ensuring that our children are not forgotten.

    I emailed Mr. Comerford concerning my son, a Gulf War era vet with a disability incurred during a deployment. My son was later denied VA disability benefits and I was inquiring with Mr. Comerford about an appeal.
    My son was and is currently treated by the VA’s medical professionals monthly. I have great respect and sincere appreciation for all that these folks have done, and will do, in order to help my boy live as normal of a life as is possible. Therefore, I had no use for any attorney who wished to demonize the VA and by association those folks who diligently try to help our service people live normal and productive lives. Thankfully, with written opinions from my son’s VA doctors, Mr. Comerford was able to leverage his veteran’s law expertise and guide the VA down a path that led to the correct decision.
    After a hearing, with Mr. Comerford representing my son, the VA wrote a decision that virtually said that it was absolutely obvious that my boy’s disability was indeed “service connected”. The VA went on to award my boy the full benefits that was due him. Mr. Comerford did not waste time reveling in his victory, but quickly advised after the VA’s decision, that my son should file for disabled social security. He did file the application and Mr. Comerford took it from there. After a very short period, the Social Security Administration notified my son that he would be awarded those benefits.
    There is no value that can be placed on the sacrifices that our service people make on our behalf. Sadly, many will be tormented physically and/ or mentally for the balance of their lives. I am indeed thankful for people like Mr. Comerford who pursue an education in veteran’s law and make sacrifices of their own in order to help those that have returned from service with physical and mental disabilities. Honorably, Mr. Comerford and others like him ensure that our children are not forgotten after their military service for this great nation comes to an end.

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    Curt Rodkey
    Someone You Should Know

    More than a decade of fighting the VA for benefits and traveling through the delays and denials. I concluded that I was in need of someone who really who really cares in helping a veteran. After having various service officers I was still feeling left behind. I made the decision in retaining someone who new how to drive through the roads of delay and denials and that someone you should know is James Comerford.

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    Wish I’d contacted Comerford Law sooner

    I approached The Comerford Law Office because I had been working on my VA claim for over 5 years with little progress. Jim Comerford helped me by compiling the necessary documents and professional opinions needed for my claim.
    The result was that I finally received the hearing I had been waiting years for. Not only did I get my hearing, but Jim was there to represent me and give the correct, relevant information that was vital to my claim being resolved favorably. I felt a sense of relief just knowing he was on the case and working on my behalf. One thing I appreciated was Jim’s response time to me whether I contacted him by phone or email. Additionally, he was professional, but personable – not coming off as the “big shot attorney” like so many lawyers do.
    I would recommend Comerford Law to other veterans who feel their cases have been ignored and need help – get Jim Comerford’s professional assistance. Let the VA know you won’t continue to be pushed aside.

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    Tania Rodriguez
    So thankful

    Attorney Comerford assisted me with my disability case, and he did an outstanding job. I am very thankful!

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    Kathleen L Felter
    Amazing Lawyer

    I was on full disability in 2005 i gave it up because i thout i could wor 3 yrs later i was back where i started, I found Mr. Comerford by accident, let me tell you he went to bat for me, he worked for a large law firm where everyone was just a file/number, he opened his own practice, small but knows everyone personally and by name, when I was down he didn’t quit, when the judge denied me after 7 yrs, I sed forget it, nope James sed nope we r taking it federal,, submitted to federal court gave me a remand, meaning we were suppose to go in but the judges sed don’t come in she/me gets another court date, very rare, and the judges sed no u get another court date cuz the judge should have givin u disability, so went back and won, moral of tge story if James sats u should have gotten it and didnt he does not give up, this lawyer was the best and he will fight until he gets the job done, best lawyer, person, all around human being ive ever met, AMAZING, I would definitely recommend him to everyone 100%.

    Thanks Jim for everything.

    Kathy Felter

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    Disability Case

    I contacted Jim after my first denial for SS Disability. He was referred to me by a good friend who had retained him for her Disability odyssey as well. My Disability case was somewhat difficult because I didn’t have a nice, large cache of medical documentation to back up my claim. Despite this and other complications Jim helped me get through my hearing and I received a fully favorable decision from the Judge and now I
    am just waiting to start receiving my benefits.

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    Simply put, a great lawyer there for your needs, and is very understanding about your concerns!

    James is an absolutely great lawyer. He fully understands his area of expertise, he’s quick to answer any questions with clear, concise directions on how to proceed. His insight into understanding how to navigate with many case laws and government agencies helped me as his client better understand the case law and it’s ways. James is quick to answer emails and phone calls, and made me feel very comfortable. I highly, highly recommended James for his case law specialties. A professional and true gentleman, even when I would ramble on with worry, James was very understanding and able to put my concerns at ease.

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    a Social Security client
    Patient, kind, trustworthy, and simply the best

    Jim is absolutely one of the nicest, most compassionate, and intelligent lawyers out there. He is fast to answer any question with clear, concise direction. His insight into understanding how to navigate with many government agencies helps his clients in many ways. Jim is quick to answer emails and calls, and makes his clients feel very comfortable. Highly, highly recommended.

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    Very thorough lawyer

    Jim is a good lawyer that helped us through a difficult purchase of our home(he also was the lawyer for the sale of our previous home).
    We had quite a few issues with the details of the purchase with both the bank and the seller that James made sure were resolved as quickly as possible. When the selling lawyer would not respond to phone calls/emails Jim physically went to the lawyer’s office and made sure that the final details were pushed through.
    I would recommend Jim as an attorney as he is very knowledgeable and thorough on the work that he does.

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    Msgr Equality ScottWest
    The Best disability lawyer

    I had gone on disability before and got better so I went back to work again. When I got bad again and applied for disability, it was unbelievable. IT was hell. I got hooked up with Jim, and he was an incredible human being as well as a wonderful lawyer. I definitely recommend anyone who needs a disability lawyer to use Jim.

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    Jim has been representing me through my Social Security Disability adventure for 6 years. I knew my case would not be easy because of my disabilities. I contacted Jim after I initially applied for SSDI. My SSDI case was denied the first time through. Unfortunately, the Rheumatologist I had been seeing for 17 years kept horrible records, barely recording any medical history. After reviewing them, Jim knew this was going to be an uphill battle, but battle on he did. Jim filed an appeal on my behalf and I finally had my day in court. Fibro fog, memory issues and pain are difficult cases to present, but Jim did a great job. I was awarded a partially favorable decision, meaning I would receive SSDI payments. However, I did not agree with the date of disability onset determined by the judge. So, Jim filed an appeal on my behalf to amend the judge’s decision of date of disability onset. It took two years, but I did have my second day in court. Jim presented my case in a passionate and professional way. He has gone above and beyond what I believe a lot of attorneys would have done. Through all six years, Jim has always been accessible, returned e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner. He communicated with me every step of the way. He’s been patient and kind, listening to my concerns and calming my fears. Jim has kept a positive and upbeat attitude through this process. He’s given me fantastic representation and I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to be with me on this journey. I’d highly recommend Jim to anybody who’s applying for SSDI. He’s got the knowledge, experience and patience to navigate the extremely complicated and muddy waters of the Social Security Disability system.

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    Skillful and Knowledgeable, an Outstanding Disability Attorney

    I was referred to Jim after my SSDI Request for Redeterminatino was denied.

    My original disability claim had been filed by a company claiming to specialize in disability—yet I was never allowed to speak with an actual attorney and I did everything except the original electronic submission of the claim—which was compiled by a low-level intake person. I dismissed them after my original claim was denied.

    I was immediately delighted to have found Jim. My first call was with Jim personally and he was thorough and informative. He has extensive expertise and reassured me that our case was strong. He advised me along the way and dealt with my panic.

    Jim’s diligence and expertise in crafting a brief for my hearing resulted in a very short hearing and a fully favorable decision. Jim’s thorough knowledge of relevant law, his review of my previous submissions and my medical records, and his understanding of my conditions resulted in a brief that left the hearing judge in need of little additional evidence.

    I am very grateful to Jim for his expertise, patience and professionalism. I was desperate, feeling out of options, and he achieved a positive outcome which I am certain I could not have achieved on my own.

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