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25 Apr, 2022

Can the VA Reverse a Disability Rating?

When the VA assigns a disability rating to a veteran, it retains the right to re-evaluate the veteran at any time and adjust their disability rating accordingly. However, not every…

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11 Apr, 2022

What is the VA’s Official Definition of a Veteran?

Your classification as a veteran is what entitles you to recover VA disability benefits. Although our firm does not talk about this criterion often because it largely goes without saying,…

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26 Jun, 2019

Blue Water Veterans’ Bill Signed Into Law

Late on Tuesday night, June 25, President Trump signed into law H.R.299, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019, marking an end to the now-famous effort for Vietnam-era…

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11 Jun, 2019

Congress Addresses Water Contamination at Military Bases

For decades, water contamination on the country’s military bases has been left unaddressed. As a result, too many people have become sick because the military does not want to spend…

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28 May, 2019

Veterans’ Affairs Launches New Benefit Appeals Process

One of the frustrating aspects of applying for disability benefits is the amount of time it takes for your application to be processed. Even when you have a perfectly valid…

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16 Apr, 2019

Federal Appeals Court Gives Big Win to Blue Water Veterans

Although the Vietnam War ended nearly a half-century ago, many veterans who served in that conflict continue to suffer from the effects. For example, many veterans are still dealing with…

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