What Are the Benefits of Hiring a VA Lawyer?

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a VA Lawyer?

As a disabled veteran, dealing with the VA can be frustrating, stressful, or even damaging to your health. When you hire a VA lawyer to seek the benefits you deserve, you insulate yourself from the pitfalls that come with the VA disability claims and appeals processes.

If you want fair benefits for your service-related medical conditions but want substantial help from an experienced lawyer, Comerford Law Office is available to represent you. We offer to fight relentlessly for the benefits you deserve, just as you fought for us during your service.

Some clear benefits of hiring a VA lawyer to represent you include:

Having Experience on Your Side

Experience is always a benefit when it comes to dealing with the VA. When veterans act on their own behalf, they only get the benefit of their own experiences. An attorney who represents many veterans, on the other hand, has a much larger trove of experiences to draw upon.

With each new interaction a lawyer has with the VA, they:

  • See trends in how the VA handles veterans disability claims and appeals
  • Learn how to overcome various problems related to VA disability claims and appeals
  • Become familiar with terminology, processes, and requirements specific to VA disability claims and appeals
  • Develop an intimate knowledge of how to seek and obtain fair benefits for their clients

Lawyers may develop an expert-level understanding of the VA and its claims process, and you may value this experience and knowledge that a lawyer can provide.

Protecting Your Health 

The word “stress” is commonly associated with the VA. When VA officials make veterans jump through hoops to obtain benefits that they are entitled to, those veterans may experience a great number of negative emotions. These emotions may have harmful health effects, as may the physical and cognitive demands of a VA disability claim or appeal.

By hiring a lawyer to take your claim or appeal off of your hands, you may protect yourself from new or worsening health problems.

Embracing Teamwork in a High-Stakes Situation

Getting fair disability benefits can drastically improve your quality of life. Conversely, living without the VA disability benefits you deserve could cause significant hardship. The stakes of your VA disability claim or appeal are high, and you may want all the help you can get as you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Call Comerford Law Office Today to Hire a VA Lawyer Who Will Fight for Your Benefits

The VA often denies veterans’ first attempt at getting disability benefits, and there are several ways to appeal incorrect VA decisions. Whether you have yet to file a claim or need to file an appeal, the VA lawyers at Comerford Law Office can fight for the disability rating and related benefits that you deserve.

Call our team today for a free consultation or provide your case information online to let us assist with your claim or appeal. 

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