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Ways to Support Veterans During the Holiday Season

Veterans serve our country valiantly, and you may want to honor their service and help support the vets in your community but may not have any idea how to go about doing that. The good news is that there are many ways to help support vets and their families, and one is sure to be right for you. If you have questions or concerns regarding veterans’ issues, such as benefits, it’s time to consult with an experienced Illinois veterans benefits attorney.

Donate Your Time at a Local VA Hospital

Many veterans have related health concerns, and when they receive the care they need at VA hospitals over the holidays, it’s hard on their morale and can result in loneliness and other negative emotional consequences. A visit from you can make a big difference in their outlook, which can make a big difference in their health outcome. And if you bring a small gift, you can help crank the holiday spirit up a notch or two. Ideas include:

  • A book that’s a new release or is especially interesting
  • A gift certificate or cash gift card
  • A beautiful potted plant
  • A delicious treat

Donating Frequent Flier Miles

If volunteering isn’t in the cards for you and you don’t have the budget to cut a check, donating frequent flier miles is an excellent way to give back to veterans. When you donate your miles, you can help reunite veterans with their loved ones at the holidays.

Enquire about Corporate Matching Gifts

If you can afford to contribute to a veterans’ charity, corporate matching can increase the value of your contribution considerably. Ask your employer if they have a corporate gift matching program. Financial donations at the holidays can make a serious difference in the lives of veterans. 

Adopting a Military Family

The Center for American Progress reports that more than 20 percent of veteran families are living paycheck to paycheck, which means they can be especially strapped around the holidays. There are organizations out there, like Soldiers’ Angels, that set up family adoptions for the holidays. Once you connect with your assigned family, they’ll let you know what they need, and you’ll have the opportunity to help make their holiday wishes come true. 

Sponsor a Fundraiser or Toy Drive

When a veteran is in need at the holidays, it means their children are also in need. Sponsoring a toy drive or a related fundraiser can provide veterans with the joy they receive from providing their children with special gifts. If you don’t have the time or the energy to start your own drive, reach out to Operation Homefront, which is set up to spread cheer through well-organized toy drives that focus on veteran families. 

Reach Out to an Experienced Illinois Veterans Benefits Attorney Today

James R. Comerford at The Comerford Law Office is a seasoned Illinois veterans benefits attorney who takes great pride in his impressive track record of helping veterans obtain the benefits to which they’re entitled. Your claim is important to your future, so please don’t wait to contact us for more information about what we can do to help you today. 

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