What Types of VA Benefits are Available to Family Members?

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What Types of VA Benefits are Available to Family Members?

While most people know that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers services and programs for qualifying veterans, few are aware that the family members of eligible veterans can also collect certain benefits. For help determining whether you or a loved one qualify for educational assistance, healthcare services, or a VA pension, please contact our dedicated VA benefits legal team today.

Benefits for Spouses and Dependents

Family members of service members who were killed or seriously injured while on active duty are often eligible for VA benefits, which can be used to obtain an education, advance in a career, obtain a home loan, or provide supplementary income. The eligibility requirements for these benefits differ depending on the benefit in question, making it especially important for those who believe that they may qualify for VA benefits based on their relationship to a veteran, to consult with an experienced VA benefits attorneys who can explain their legal options.

Health Benefits

Family members of certain veterans are eligible for health benefits and programs that could reduce or eliminate the cost of medical supplies, prescriptions, and office visits. For instance, under the Caregiver Program, the primary caregiver of a qualifying veteran can receive a stipend, as well as access to healthcare coverage, which includes mental health counseling, marriage and family counseling, and compensation for travel, lodging, and per diem when accompanying the veteran for treatment.

Family members of veterans returning from or who were killed in combat zones can also take advantage of readjustment counseling, which is offered by the VA and encompasses a wide range of services, including:

  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Family counseling;
  • Bereavement counseling;
  • Military sexual trauma counseling and referral;
  • Outreach and education;
  • Employment assessment and referral;
  • Medical screening and referral; and
  • Substance abuse assessment.  

To learn more about these and other programs, such as the Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHMPVA), the Children of Women Vietnam War Veterans (CWW) program, or the Children Born with Spina Bifida program, please call our legal team today.

Education and Employment Benefits

In addition to healthcare benefits, the VA also provides education and training opportunities to the spouses, dependents, and survivors of veterans through a number of programs, all of which help cover the cost of tuition, supplies, books, fees, and housing. These benefits can be used to obtain a traditional degree, a non-college degree, on-the-job training, and internships. For example, the Fry Scholarship is a program that is made available to the children and spouses of service members who lost their lives while on active duty after September 10, 2001, while the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) Program offers training and education opportunities to dependents of veterans who became permanently and totally disabled or passed away as a result of a service-related condition. The DEA Program also offers assistance from the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program, which helps eligible family members evaluate career choices, achieve education and career goals, and receive academic or adjustment counseling.  

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