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Tips for Filing Your Initial VA Disability Claim

Filing a VA disability claim can be a tedious process. After filing your claim online for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, you may realize how time-consuming it is to collect all of the necessary supporting information and submit it all to the VA. 

If you feel frustrated by the VA disability claim process, talk to our lawyers at Comerford Law Office for advice. We can help make the process easier by carefully explaining each step and overseeing the process to ensure you get it right the first time. We provide a few tips for filing below. For information specific to your case, call our attorneys. 

Preparing to File a Disability Claim

Filing a fully developed claim is often the most efficient method to receiving a decision from the VA. Essentially, this simply means that you will submit all supporting information with your benefits claim. The documents include: 

  • Medical evidence, including hospital and doctor reports, as well as military or civilian documentation
  • Copies of your DD214, or separation documents
  • Marriage and children’s birth certificates

Send copies of these documents, not the originals. The claim you file should only be for ongoing conditions that are directly connected to your military service. If you ever have doubt on whether to submit a document or not, send it anyway to ensure that your claim is not missing any required information. Most importantly, talk to a lawyer before finalizing your claim. Our attorneys can review your file before submitting to ensure that it holds all of the required information so you can receive your benefits sooner. 

After Filing Your Claim

Once you’ve filed your claim, the next step is to wait for a response from the VA. The VA will send you a letter containing their decision once several key procedures have been completed, including an assessment and requesting additional information if necessary. You can check your status on the vets.gov website, or through the Veteran’s Service Organization. 

If the VA needs more medical documentation, they may ask you to provide it or they may contact the Department of Defense. Sometimes, the VA needs you to complete a medical assessment to examine the service-connected disabilities you claimed. Depending on the disabilities you claimed, you may be scheduled for multiple medical examinations. Attend your appointment on time or your claim may be delayed for long periods of time. 

Aside from attending the examinations, you don’t need to complete any other steps while you wait, unless the VA requests more information. 

Pursue Your VA Benefits With a Skilled Illinois Veterans Attorney

If you are preparing to file a VA disability claim, enlist the help of a knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with the process. Comerford Law Office can help you pursue benefits for a service-connected disability, as we deliver exceptional legal services that allows you to seek the results you need to support yourself. Contact our firm today to schedule an appointment with an Illinois veterans attorney. 

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