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Ensuring that our children are not forgotten.

I emailed Mr. Comerford concerning my son, a Gulf War era vet with a disability incurred during a deployment. My son was later denied VA disability benefits and I was inquiring with Mr. Comerford about an appeal.
My son was and is currently treated by the VA’s medical professionals monthly. I have great respect and sincere appreciation for all that these folks have done, and will do, in order to help my boy live as normal of a life as is possible. Therefore, I had no use for any attorney who wished to demonize the VA and by association those folks who diligently try to help our service people live normal and productive lives. Thankfully, with written opinions from my son’s VA doctors, Mr. Comerford was able to leverage his veteran’s law expertise and guide the VA down a path that led to the correct decision.
After a hearing, with Mr. Comerford representing my son, the VA wrote a decision that virtually said that it was absolutely obvious that my boy’s disability was indeed “service connected”. The VA went on to award my boy the full benefits that was due him. Mr. Comerford did not waste time reveling in his victory, but quickly advised after the VA’s decision, that my son should file for disabled social security. He did file the application and Mr. Comerford took it from there. After a very short period, the Social Security Administration notified my son that he would be awarded those benefits.
There is no value that can be placed on the sacrifices that our service people make on our behalf. Sadly, many will be tormented physically and/ or mentally for the balance of their lives. I am indeed thankful for people like Mr. Comerford who pursue an education in veteran’s law and make sacrifices of their own in order to help those that have returned from service with physical and mental disabilities. Honorably, Mr. Comerford and others like him ensure that our children are not forgotten after their military service for this great nation comes to an end.

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