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I was on full disability in 2005 i gave it up because i thout i could wor 3 yrs later i was back where i started, I found Mr. Comerford by accident, let me tell you he went to bat for me, he worked for a large law firm where everyone was just a file/number, he opened his own practice, small but knows everyone personally and by name, when I was down he didn’t quit, when the judge denied me after 7 yrs, I sed forget it, nope James sed nope we r taking it federal,, submitted to federal court gave me a remand, meaning we were suppose to go in but the judges sed don’t come in she/me gets another court date, very rare, and the judges sed no u get another court date cuz the judge should have givin u disability, so went back and won, moral of tge story if James sats u should have gotten it and didnt he does not give up, this lawyer was the best and he will fight until he gets the job done, best lawyer, person, all around human being ive ever met, AMAZING, I would definitely recommend him to everyone 100%.

Thanks Jim for everything.

Kathy Felter

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