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My husband a Vietnam Vet filed a claim for an increased rating due to his PTSD, depression and other issues. in 2011. If the Veteran approved a claim it was one that stated we agree the claim condition exists but it is non-compensable. For many years we had someone else working with us and was disappointed with their ability to help us. Many times I filed the paperwork myself. It reached the point where I almost gave up hope. Then Hope in the form of Mr. James Comerford walked into the room. In January of this year 2019, I spoke with Mr. Comerford. He immediately responded he could help and accepted our case. I immediately felt a connection with him. Mr. Comerford is personal, caring, compassionate, skillful, and masterful in his craft. He makes you feel cared for as if he knows you personally. He responds quickly to phone calls and does not make you feel like you are bothering him. He attended the hearing with me and represented my husband and I with integrity. In less than 1 year, he assisted us with winning our case in an amount in well in excess of $100,000.00.
Despite all of the denials and appeals, we finally won our case. We are so thankful to Mr. Comerford for being “A Miracle Worker” I have already started recommending him to others. He is trustworthy and his expertise is superior.

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