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My TDIU Application Was Denied: What Do I Do Now?

If the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) denied your application for Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU), you could pursue one or more appeal options. If you are able to get a TDIU designation through an appeal, you will be able to get a 100% disability rating and the monthly compensation that rating entitles you to.

TDIU status can provide much-needed financial stability for you and your loved ones. If you have questions about this status or want help seeking a TDIU designation from the VA, a lawyer from  Comerford Law Office can assist you.

Appeal Options for Those Whose TDIU Application Gets Denied

The VA often denies claims, whether those claims are for a TDIU or otherwise. The smallest of errors can lead to a claim denial, while the VA may cite a lack of documentation and other reasons for denying a claim.

When faced with a claim denial or another decision you disagree with, the VA provides three primary appeal options. These options are:

  • Higher-Level Review: When you request a Higher-Level Review, you ask that a more senior official review your claim. In this case, you’ll hope that the senior official deems you worthy of TDIU status.
  • Supplemental Claim: If the VA states that your original claim lacked sufficient documentation to assign you TDIU status, you may file a supplemental claim. In this claim, you’ll provide any documentation that indicates you are unable to work and, therefore, worthy of a TDIU designation.
  • Board Appeal: With this option, you request that a law judge review the decision to deny you TDIU status and hope that they will rule that you should get the TDIU designation.

It is not always obvious which type of appeal you should seek. A VA lawyer can help with every aspect of your TDIU claim, including any necessary appeal.

What Do You Stand to Gain from TDIU Status?

If you are able to get TDIU status, you will receive the maximum benefits provided by the VA. The precise monthly value of these benefits varies based on your dependent status, but the benefits are meant to reflect your inability to maintain substantially gainful employment.

Call Comerford Law Office Today for Help Seeking TDIU Benefits

If you are a veteran who cannot work regularly and lack the income that regular work provides, you may deserve TDIU status. The VA does not assign veterans 100% disability ratings frequently, though, and a lawyer from Comerford Law Office will fight to get the benefits you deserve.

Call our team today for a consultation or provide the details of your claim (or appeal) online. You don’t have to fight alone—Comerford Law Office has your back.

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