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How to Appeal a Denied Veterans Benefit Claim

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) explains that there are three ways to appeal a denied veterans benefit claim,  which are:

  1. Supplemental Claim
  2. Higher-Level Review
  3. Board Appeal

An attorney from Comerford Law Office can explain each option in detail and complete whichever type of appeal you choose to pursue.

About the VA’s Veterans Benefits Appeal Options

Some important details about the three VA veterans benefit appeal options include:

  • Supplemental Claim: You can file a supplemental claim to add new evidence to an existing claim. Evidence must be “new and relevant,” and VA employees will determine whether new evidence changes the initial ruling on your claim.
  • Higher-Level Review: You may file a Higher-Level Review if you believe the VA erred in its initial decision. Even if there is no new evidence to consider, you can request that a more senior VA official take a second look at your claim and render a more favorable decision.
  • Board Appeal: If you file a Board Appeal, you request that a judge review your claim and make a ruling. 

Each veteran seeking fair disability benefits from the VA must choose the appeal option that is right for their circumstances. An attorney can advise you about which appeal type is most appropriate for you.

An attorney may exhaust multiple types of appeals. For example, if your lawyer submits new evidence through a supplementary claim but still receives an unfavorable ruling from the VA, they may proceed with a Higher-Level Review or Board Appeal. 

Should a Veteran Hire a Lawyer to Lead Their Veteran Benefit Appeal?

It is your decision whether to hire a lawyer for a veterans benefit claim or appeal, and there are several potential reasons to do so. Vets hire attorneys to help with their VA appeals because:

  • The cost of not getting fair benefits is great: If you do not get the compensation you deserve from the VA, you may have great difficulty covering living expenses and costs specific to your medical condition.
  • Veterans are often occupied with their medical conditions: The same medical condition that has led you to seek VA disability benefits may also make it difficult for you to complete your appeal. Physical and cognitive symptoms require your full attention, which may mean allowing an attorney to handle your appeal.
  • Attorneys have extensive experience successfully completing VA disability benefits appeals: While you may have limited experience dealing with the VA, your attorney should have many successful claims and appeals on their record.

When choosing an attorney, consider a VA lawyer from Comerford Law Office. Our firm prides itself on helping veterans get the benefits their service entitles them to.

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