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Vietnam Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyer Chicago

Veterans of the Vietnam War suffer from a wide array of injuries and are entitled to recoup disability benefits under certain conditions. If you were a veteran of the Vietnam War who suffered a service-related disability, you are entitled to apply for VA disability benefits if you are no longer able to sustain yourself with your employment capabilities. VA disability benefits are a form of regular monthly payment to supplement the cost of living offset by your employment limitations. You are also entitled to recover money for in-home care provided by a nurse or a qualified family member. The Comerford Law Office will discuss VA disability benefits for veterans of the Vietnam War.

Agent Orange

Vietnam was a difficult war to fight for a number of reasons. Telling friend from foe was among them. The enemy used the cover of the jungle to wage surprise attacks. So, the U.S. government, in a bid to take that advantage away, used a chemical known as Agent Orange to kill the trees. The substance turned out to be toxic to more than just trees. Many U.S. service members now deal with chronic illnesses related to Agent Orange. The U.S. government is still paying out disability claims related to Agent Orange exposure

Those who file claims based on Agent Orange exposure must usually prove that they actually stepped foot on Vietnamese soil during the war. There are also a host of probable cancers and chronic conditions caused by Agent Orange. But if your condition is not listed among them, that does not mean you cannot receive benefits. 

Other service-related disabilities

Many suffered combat-related disabilities including shrapnel injuries, loss of limb, burn injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and psychological trauma. Among those, psychological trauma that prevents you from sustaining gainful employment can be among the most difficult to prove. Nonetheless, those who lost friends in combat or suffered severe injuries themselves, often have triggers that can set off panic attacks at any time.

How a Vietnam veterans’ disability attorney can help

The process of applying for VA disability benefits is complicated and frustrating. Before you can enlist the aid of an attorney, you must complete and file an application with the VA and have that application rejected. At that point, an attorney can enter the fray and help prepare your case file for you. We enlist the help of your immediate family, doctors, and vocational counselors who can discuss what types of work you can or cannot do. In the end, we will help you build an ironclad case file that the VA will be forced to honor.

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