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Veterans PTSD Disability Lawyer in Chicago

Once called “shell shock,” post-traumatic stress disorder is a complex psychological illness in which the resonances of traumatic events trigger similar emotions and terror as the original event. Today, the condition is well understood and treatable with the right intervention. However, it can still be disabling, cause serious physical health complications, and prevent you from working.

If you are a veteran who developed PTSD due to service, you may file for disability benefits. A rejected claim is not the end of the line: an experienced attorney can work with you to help you seek the compensation to which you are entitled. In order to receive benefits, you will need to prove that your PTSD is ongoing and is connected to your service. A veteran’s PTSD disability lawyer in Chicago can help you apply for VA disability compensation. 

Proving a PTSD Disability Claim

PTSD is characterized by persistent feelings of anxiety, depression, and triggering events that can cause panic episodes. These panic episodes are so intense that they are often misdiagnosed as heart attacks. Nonetheless, the VA takes a defensive stance to every application it receives. It assumes that the application is either incomplete, overstated, or at worst, fraudulent. The VA does not employ this strategy maliciously, but rather to protect the solvency of their disability fund. Today, after wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the number of claims on the VA’s disability fund is increasing. That generally means it takes more effort to get your claim processed. A lawyer can help.

Veterans can receive benefits for any disability as long as it is connected to their service, including PTSD. You must fulfill minimum service requirements and have not received an other than dishonorable, bad conduct or dishonorable discharge. 

Since we understand what the VA is looking for, what a complete claim looks like, and the type of evidence they will need to accept your claim, we can expedite the process by working with your doctors, veterans, your family, and mental health workers to prove that your PTSD is sufficiently disabling and was aggravated or caused by service. 

How Do PTSD Claims Work?

The VA will expect you to provide documentation that you suffered a service-connected trauma that can cause PTSD. They will also need evidence from psychiatrists, counselors, and others who work closely with those suffering from PTSD to document your experiences. Anxiety and depression are common and with suicides relating to PTSD rising, the matter is becoming quite serious to legislators and sociologists who track public safety workers on behalf of insurers and government programs.

The Comerford Law Office will work closely with you, your doctors, and even vocational counselors who can discuss what type of work you are qualified for, if any. PTSD is a real ailment that requires medical intervention. If it is preventing you from working, you may be entitled to receive VA disability benefits. Call a Chicago VA disability lawyer today and we can begin discussing your next moves immediately. 

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