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Veterans’ Disability Lawyer Near St. John

Former servicemen and women who suffer from injuries or illnesses sustained or contracted during their military service are often eligible for VA disability benefits. Unfortunately, applying for these benefits can be difficult, and many veterans who are unfamiliar with the application process are unfairly denied benefits as a result of minor errors.

To ensure that your own claim or appeal has the best possible chance of success, please contact a dedicated veterans’ disability lawyer near St. John who can advise you. 

Who is Eligible for VA Disability Compensation?

The Veterans Administration (VA) offers monthly disability payments to veterans who:

  • Served in active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training capacity in the U.S. military; and
  • Were assigned a disability rating for a medical condition that was sustained or aggravated during their military service. 

The VA considers both physical and mental medical conditions to be disabilities for compensation purposes. This means that injured veterans can collect a monthly disability payment for physical injuries, such as chronic respiratory problems, cancer, and traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as mental conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Essentially, a veteran will have a chance at collecting a disability benefit in the form of monetary compensation as long as he or she can demonstrate that an injury or illness was related to his or her military service and has been diagnosed and rated by a physician. The only time this is not required is when a veteran served in a specific war, including the Vietnam War between the years 1962 and 1975, as these individuals are presumed to have been exposed to certain dangerous chemicals that have been definitively linked to a variety of deadly diseases. 

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services

The VA offers a wide range of other services and programs to disabled veterans. For instance, the VA offers both vocational rehabilitation and employment services to former servicemen and women who have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions that limit their ability to secure or retain employment. In addition to these requirements, veterans applying for these benefits must also be able to prove that they:

  • Were not dishonorably discharged; and
  • Suffer from a service-connected disability that was rated as at least ten percent disabling. 

Veterans who are able to fulfill these elements are granted access to a variety of services, including:

  • Assistance with resume development;
  • Work-readiness support, including an occupational evaluation;
  • On-the-job training;
  • Vocational, post-secondary, and technical training;
  • Case management and counseling;
  • Medical referrals; and
  • Rehabilitation planning and vocational counseling. 

For help determining whether you or a loved one qualify for these types of VA services, please contact our St. John veterans’ disability lawyer today. 

Disability Housing Grants

Finally, veterans who suffer from certain service-connected disabilities could also be eligible for grants that will allow them to modify their homes to account for their conditions. The Special Housing Adaptation grant, for instance, can be used to widen doorways, and install handrails, grab bars, and even wheelchair ramps. Specially Adapted Housing grants, on the other hand, allow qualifying veterans to purchase, modify, or build residences that are uniquely adapted to their conditions, as long as they own the home, or it is their permanent residence. 

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