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Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyers Near Me

Former servicemen and women who were injured while in the line of duty face chronic pain, expensive medical bills, and unemployment. In an effort to alleviate these problems for veterans who honorably served their country, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers qualifying veterans with disability benefits.

These benefits, which include access to healthcare and a monthly payment, can make all the difference in helping veterans transition to civilian life, so if you were recently separated from the military and have questions about your own eligibility for disability benefits, it is important to speak with experienced veterans disability benefits lawyers near me who can address your concerns. 

Who is Eligible for Disability Benefits?

Veterans who suffer from an illness or injury that affects their body or mind could be eligible for disability benefits upon separating from the military if they:

  • Served in an active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training capacity; and
  • Have received a disability rating for a service-connected medical condition. 

Even in cases where these elements have been fulfilled, veterans will only be able to collect disability benefits if they can also prove that:

  • They became ill or were injured while serving in the military and can link a current condition to that illness or injury; or
  • They suffered from an injury or illness before joining the military and their time in the Armed Forces worsened that condition; or
  • They suffer from a disability that is related to their active-duty service, but that did not manifest until after the end of their service. 

In most cases, injured veterans must prove that a medical condition is severe enough to qualify as a disability. There are certain situations, however, when the VA is willing to presume that a medical condition is a disability, including when a person is suffering from:

  • A chronic illness that appears within a year of discharge; or
  • An illness that was caused by coming into contact with contaminants, such as toxic chemicals or other hazardous material; or
  • An illness resulting from a veteran’s time as a prisoner of war. 

To find out more about what types of conditions are covered by disability benefits, please contact our legal team today. 

Calculating Compensation Rates

The amount that a disabled veteran can expect to collect in monthly disability payments depends on how disabled that person is, which in turn is represented by his or her disability rating. These ratings range from zero to 100% disabling, so generally, the higher a person’s rating is, the more he or she can collect in benefits. However, it is also possible to receive additional amounts if:

  • A veteran suffers from a severe disability or a loss of limbs; or
  • A veteran has a spouse, children, or dependent parents; or
  • A veteran is also married to a seriously disabled spouse. 

The VA will also take cost-of-living into account when assigning compensation rates, as well as whether a veteran is suffering from multiple disabilities. 

Schedule a Free Case Review with Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyers Near Me

If you believe that you may qualify for VA disability benefits, or recently received notice of a denied claim, please call VA accredited attorney James R. Comerford at The Comerford Law Office, LLC to learn more about your legal options. 

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