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Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyer Illinois

Navigating through the process of obtaining veterans’ disability benefits can be quite challenging for many veterans. The process is often characterized by stringent eligibility criteria, complex procedures, extensive paperwork, and long waiting times. This arduous process can often lead to denials. Hence, it is crucial for veterans to seek assistance from an experienced Illinois veterans disability benefits lawyer to smoothly navigate through this convoluted process and secure the benefits they rightfully deserve.

The Comerford Law Office understands the stress and frustration that veterans may experience during the appeals process. Attorney James Comerford has  fifteen years experience in helping veterans obtain the benefits they deserve.

Common Reasons for Claim Denial

Common reasons for denial of veterans’ disability benefits often center around lack of substantial evidence, incomplete or inaccurate paperwork, and misunderstood criteria for eligibility. Often, the Veterans Affairs (VA) might deny a claim if they believe there isn’t enough medical evidence to support the veteran’s disability claim or if the evidence fails to establish a link between the veteran’s disability and their service. Additionally, if the necessary forms are incorrectly filled out, or key sections are left incomplete, it could lead to an outright denial. Lastly, misinterpretation of eligibility criteria, such as misunderstanding the aspects of “disability” and “service connection,” often results in unsuccessful applications. It’s important to understand these common pitfalls to increase the chances of a successful claim.

Options for Veterans’ Disability Claims and Appeals

One option available to veterans is a higher-level review. This involves a senior claims adjudicator conducting a de novo review of the decision. While no new evidence can be submitted, this option provides an opportunity for the decision to be overturned based on a difference of opinion or a clear error.

Another option is a supplemental claim, where veterans can submit new and relevant evidence that will support their claim. The Comerford Law Office can assist in developing this evidence to strengthen the case.

For those who wish to appeal directly to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, there are three options available. A direct review does not require the submission of additional evidence or a hearing. However, veterans can choose to submit additional evidence without a hearing or have a hearing with a Veterans Law Judge.

It’s important to note that there are deadlines for filing higher-level reviews and board appeals. The Comerford Law Office can ensure that all necessary paperwork is submitted within the specified timeframe.

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