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Veterans Disability Benefits Attorneys Cedar Lake

Sustaining an injury while serving one’s country can leave injured veterans to deal with mounting medical debt and chronic pain that can keep them from maintaining regular employment.

In an effort to help veterans who find themselves in this position, the U.S. offers certain veterans with disability benefits that take the form of a tax-free monthly payment that can be used to cover these types of injury-related costs. Not all veterans qualify for this benefit, so if you were injured while serving in the military, it is important to speak with experienced veterans disability benefits attorneys Cedar Lake who can help you determine whether you are eligible for federal disability benefits.

Monetary Disability Benefit

Former servicemen and women who sustained injuries while in the military could be eligible for monthly disability payments that are provided by the VA and intended to help compensate them for their injury-related economic losses. The amount that a disabled veteran can collect, however, depends on a variety of factors, including how his or her disability was rated. These ratings are assigned by the VA based on:

  • Evidence submitted by the veteran with his or her claim;
  • Evidence contained in a veteran’s military records; and
  • The results of a medical examination conducted by a VA-approved physician.

Veteran disabilities are rated on a scale of zero to 100, with 100% representing total disability. Assigned in increments of 10, these ratings will determine the amount of a veteran’s monthly disability payment. For this reason, the more severe an injury or illness is, the higher that person’s rating will be, and the more he or she can expect to collect in a monetary benefit. However, these ratings are not the only factor that the VA takes into account when determining eligibility for disability benefits. For instance, the VA also considers whether a person is married or has minor children when making these decisions. 

Eligibility for Disability Benefits

Disabled veterans can only collect disability benefits if they can prove that:

  • They are suffering from a physical or mental injury or illness;
  • They sustained the injury or contracted the disease in question while serving in the military, or otherwise experienced an event that aggravated or caused the condition during their military service; and
  • There is a definite link between their current disability and their military service.

Fulfilling these elements can only be achieved through the submission of certain medical evidence, including: the claimant’s discharge or separation papers, the veteran’s treatment records, supporting statements from witnesses and family members, and any medical records or hospital reports kept by private medical providers.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Dedicated Cedar Lake Veterans Disability Lawyer

If you live in Indiana or Illinois and previously served in the U.S. Armed Forces, you could be eligible for important disability benefits. Unfortunately, filing this type of claim can be difficult, so if you need help applying for these benefits or appealing a denied claim, please contact dedicated veterans disability benefits lawyer James R. Comerford at The Comerford Law Office, LLC.

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