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This post describes the VA disability appeals process for decisions issued prior to February 19, 2019. Decisions received after that date are subject to the new VA appeals process.

Veterans Disability Benefits Attorney Illinois

The Comerford Law Office is an accredited law office qualified to help veterans file claims with the VA. The reason why such attorneys exist is that the VA is very protective of their disability fund.

Veterans filing for benefits are expected to prove that their disability is related to their time in the service and that it prevents them from doing work for which they are qualified. This is beyond the scope of what your average person knows how to do. It requires making both a medical and legal argument for why you are entitled to VA benefits.

Most folks come to us after their application has been rejected, but we can also help veterans who have yet to begin the application process. Our job is to review your case and anticipate anything that the VA may use to deny your claim. We produce ironclad case files with medical evidence from doctors, occupational therapists, and mental health specialists to prove your case and get the benefits you were promised.

Common Disabilities Covered by VA Benefits

In cases where a soldier has been obviously wounded (as in the loss of a limb), it is very easy to prove that your disability is related to your service and that impacts your work. Other disabilities are much more difficult to prove. These include:

It was not until recently that the military admitted that there was a Gulf War Syndrome and psychiatric conditions are notoriously difficult to prove. Additionally, hearing loss can be difficult to prove as well as cognitive issues that result from other injuries such as TBI.

Our job as your attorney is to ensure your case file as all the necessary evidence to prove that you were both injured in the line of duty and that your disability prevents you from sustaining enough employment to support yourself or your family.

Understanding VA Disability Benefits

VA disability benefits are monthly payments that supplement a veteran’s income after they have been injured in the line of duty. Additionally, VA benefits can be paid out to family members and spouses who require daily care. 

These benefits were promised to every veteran who signed up to defend our country. Yet many are denied benefits because they are not sure what information the VA is looking for or how they can prove that they are not able to work. Filing Form 9 or notices of disagreement also complicate the process. But our attorneys have helped hundreds of veterans successfully file claims on the VA’s disability fund.

Talk to a Veterans Disability Benefits Attorney Illinois

If you have been injured in the line of duty and can no longer work as a result of a protracted disability, call The Comerford Law Office today and we can begin preparing your case file and getting you the benefits that you were promised.

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