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Every day, American soldiers answer their country’s call of duty and agree to fight America’s wars. When they are injured, either in combat or as a part of active-duty military exercises, work, or exposure to toxic substances, our government has agreed to financially support these soldiers. Veterans’ disability benefits represent a form of non-taxable, monthly income, and provide important health care services for those who have sustained permanent injuries.

The Comerford Law Office, LLC helps America’s veterans file disability claims on the VA’s veteran’s disability policy. These claims are quite difficult to prove and generally require multiple interactions with the VA. If you have mailed your claim to the VA and been denied, then you can begin the process of hiring a lawyer to prove your claim.

Below, we will discuss the claims process and how it works.

Filing a VA disability claim in Chicago

Essentially, the threshold for proof in a VA disability claim is extraordinarily high. The VA protects the solvency of its disability fund by weeding out false or weak claims at the beginning and then forcing applicants to present an ironclad case file to the committee. Once you’ve established that you qualify for disability benefits, a determination will need to be made as to how much disability money you are entitled to recover.

The VA determines if or how much you qualify for by determining how disabled you are. A disability rating of 60% for one disability, or a disability rating of 70% wherein one disability rates at least 40% will qualify you for the maximum benefits allowable under the VA’s system. This is known as a TDIU claim. In other words, you can apply for and qualify for VA disability benefits, but get a lower rating than you deserve. 

Attorneys can help you through the process of filing an appeal after the VA denies your claim. We can also help you argue for why your disability rating is too low for your circumstances. 

Working with a Chicago VA disability lawyer

So, what will your Chicago VA disability lawyer actually do? We coordinate between your doctors, family, former military associates, and other health care professionals to establish that you are, in fact, disabled from your military duty and do, in fact, qualify under the VA’s disability policy. 

While some injuries may be very easy to prove, such as the loss of a limb, others may be much more difficult, such as complex respiratory problems from exposure to burn pits, PTSD from combat trauma, or complex conditions that aren’t easy to diagnose. Our attorneys will help you build an ironclad case file and start recovering benefits as quickly as possible.

Talk to a Chicago VA Disability Attorney Today

The Comerford Law Office, LLC represents the interests of America’s veterans in VA disability claims. Our firm is authorized to handle VA disability cases and can help you prove your disability and start recovering benefits. Call today to learn more.

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