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Disability benefits are some of the most important benefits that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers to former servicemen and women.

Unfortunately, applying for VA disability benefits can be a complex process, so if you were injured during your time in the service and you have questions or concerns about collecting benefits from the VA, it is important to speak with an experienced veterans disability attorney in Evanston who can advise you. 

VA Disability Compensation

Disability compensation is one of the benefits offered by the VA as a part of its disability benefits package. This benefit takes the form of a monthly tax-free payment that is available to veterans who:

  • Served in active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training capacity; and
  • Suffer from a service-connected condition that has been rated by the VA.

In addition to these requirements, qualifying veterans must be able to prove that:

  • Their illness or injury can be linked to their time serving in the military; or
  • They suffer from an illness or injury that was aggravated or worsened as a result of their time in the military; or
  • They suffer from a disability that is related to their active-duty service, but that did not appear until after separation or retirement. 

In some cases, namely when a veteran has a disability that has been diagnosed by a doctor and is considered to be related to his or her military service because of a specific aspect of that service, that individual could be eligible for disability benefits based on a presumed disability. This almost always applies to veterans who suffer from illnesses that appear within one year of discharge, illnesses caused by coming into contact with hazardous materials, and illnesses resulting from time spent as a prisoner of war. 

Aid and Attendance Benefits

The VA also provides aid and attendance benefits, or monthly payments, to qualified veterans who were granted a VA pension and:

  • Need the aid of another person to perform daily activities;
  • Must stay in bed due to an illness;
  • Reside in a nursing home due to the loss of mental or physical abilities; or
  • Whose eyesight has deteriorated. 

Disabled veterans can apply for the aid and attendance benefit in person or through the mail, but in either case must have access to certain documentation, including: 

  • A doctor’s report showing the need for the benefit;
  • Statements containing details about their normal daily activities; and
  • Statements containing details that demonstrate the kind of illness, injury, or disability currently affecting their ability to perform daily tasks. 

For help ensuring that your own claim is not delayed due to a failure to include this, or other important information, please contact experienced VA disability lawyer James R. Comerford today. 

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