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Veterans benefits attorneys help U.S. veterans with several different types of services. The Comerford Law Office in Chicago helps veterans file VA disability claims for injuries they sustained as a result of their active duty. These applications usually come back denied on the first try. If that was the case with your application, you can now hire a Chicago VA benefits lawyer to assist you in the application process.

Why Was My Claim Denied?

Chances are good that your claim was denied specifically because the VA did not have enough information to award you disability benefits. When this is the case, as it usually is, you can hire a VA disability attorney to begin the process of proving your claim.

This is no easy task. While filling out an application does not sound hard, you are being asked to draft a legal argument using medical proof. This requires more than simply filling in the blanks. The vast majority of folks, regardless of how smart they are, lack the ability to do this. 

VA disability attorneys will work with your doctors to gather evidence related to your condition, link it to some aspect of your service, and show how it prevents you from sustaining gainful employment. When those elements are met, you will have a successful VA disability application.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me File a VA Disability Claim?

By the time the VA has given you your “form 9”, you will understand how a VA disability lawyer can help you. The form 9 is a massive packet of information that has medical records, claims, service records, and more. It is extremely complex. The biggest issue that veterans face is proving that their disability is linked to their active service. This is especially true for repetitive stress injuries, psychiatric injuries, or chronic illnesses.

Your lawyer will understand the claims process, know what the VA is looking for, and understand the peculiarities of your particular claim. We have helped thousands of area veterans file successful claims with the VA using all the resources at our disposal. This includes using the aid of vocational counselors to discuss what type of work you are qualified to do with your disability. We will also interview your family members and fellow servicemen to discuss your injuries.

Talk to a Chicago VA Benefits Lawyer Today

The Comerford Law Office proudly represents America’s veterans while filing claims against the VA’s disability fund. We have helped several veterans with all manner of injury file claims that help them meet monthly expenses and help their families. If you believe your injury was the result of active duty, call our office today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help. 

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