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As a military veteran, you and your family deserve to live comfortably. You should be able to earn the degrees that you want, have affordable health insurance, and have financial assistance if you are unable to work due a disability that resulted from your military service.

This is why your veteran’s benefits are so important. Getting the proper benefits makes these goals more achievable. Unfortunately, many obstacles often prevent veterans from getting the benefits that they deserve. A veterans benefits lawyer in Crown Point from the Comerford Law Office can help.

What Stops You From Getting Your Veteran’s Benefits?

The complexity of the process is one of the issues that can stop you from getting your veteran’s benefits. Unfortunately, your disability will have to go through a complex rating process. The rating that your disability receives will determine the amount of compensation that you can be awarded.

The VA uses this rating system to determine the severity of your condition. Oftentimes, the rating system does not accurately reflect the severity of the disability.

Backlog Of Claims

Another issue that you are guaranteed to experience is a long wait time to receive your benefits.

According to the VA, there are at least 5.2 million veterans in the United States. With this large number, it will take a while for each claim to be processed. This backlog issue has caused many veterans to wait far too long to receive their benefits or be wrongfully denied.

Lack Of Proper Supporting Evidence

When applying for disability benefits, you may be required to supply evidence of the severity of your disability, which may include statements from family and friends or medical records. You will also have to prove that your disability is service-related. These tasks can be difficult to accomplish successfully without the assistance of an experienced VA benefits lawyer.

Filing For An Appeal

Fortunately, you have the chance to appeal the VA’s initial decision on your claim if it gets denied. If you disagree with the VA’s rating of your disability or believe your claim was unjustly denied, you can choose from three different decision review options.

These decisions include a supplemental claim, a higher-level review, or a board appeal. You are only allowed to choose one decision review per issue.

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