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Each member of the U.S. Military was promised disability benefits if they were ever injured in the line of duty and could no longer support themselves. While the VA’s disability fund has been set up for decades now, filing claims has never been more complicated. Claims are routinely rejected and veterans are left wondering what they have to do to get the compensation they were promised. The Comerford Law Office helps America’s veterans recover the benefits they were promised when they joined the U.S. military.

My Application Was Denied

Your application is likely to be denied on the first try. It is after your application has been denied that an attorney can step in and begin the process of helping you prove your claim. The process is difficult. You are being expected to make a legal argument using medical evidence. This is well beyond the scope of most folk’s expertise. 

Indeed, very few applications are accepted on the first try. The vast majority, even those who were clearly injured in the line of duty, will require an attorney to help them receive their benefits. 

Why Was My Application Denied?

After reviewing your application and denying it, the VA will give you a reason. It is at this point that you will want to contact an Indianapolis veterans benefits attorney. Your attorney can help you with everything that follows. That includes getting the evidence from your doctors and other experts who can provide testimony that aids your case. When the VA is sufficiently satisfied that you have met the threshold of proof required to accept your claim, then you can begin receiving benefits.

What Do I Have to Prove?

This will sound much simpler than it actually is. You only have to prove that you were an honorably discharged soldier who suffered an injury in the line of duty and it now impacts their ability to support themselves and earn a living. However, not all disabilities are easy to prove. While those who suffered combat-related injuries generally do not have to bend over backward to prove their claims, they still need to be able to show that their disability substantially reduces their capacity for gainful employment. 

Those who sustained repetitive stress injuries, psychiatric injuries, or chemical exposure injuries can have an uphill battle. It can be difficult to prove how you acquired a repetitive stress injury and whether it is related to your service. Psychiatric injuries are similarly situated. Chemical exposure injuries sometimes involve science that is not completely settled yet. In each of those cases, a skilled veterans benefits attorney can help.

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The Comerford Law Office helps U.S. veterans apply for, and receive VA disability benefits. Call today to schedule an appointment and we can get the ball rolling on your appeal.

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