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Every year, more and more young men and women agree to join the United States armed forces. When you enlist, you are promised that if you ever suffer a service-connected injury, you are entitled to receive disability compensation while you cannot work. Yet, it may be difficult to file applications with the VA, understand the appeals process, and acquire all the information they are looking for. A Chicago veterans benefits attorney helps disabled United States veterans file claims with the VA.

Understanding the VA Disability Benefits Application Process

Before a VA disability attorney can take over your claim, you must have an active appeal open with the VA. That means that you must submit the application, have it rejected, and then file an appeal. Logistically, we can only begin accepting payment and offering representation once the appeal is open. 

Once the appeal is open, we can begin taking over your claim. What we do is coordinate your claim with your doctors, family, mental health providers, veterans, and former bosses who can discuss your ability to work. 

To prove a VA disability claim, you must establish three elements. First, you must be a veteran that did not receive dishonorable, bad conduct or other than honorable discharge. Second, you must have a disability or illness that was acquired due to your service. Lastly, you must meet minimum service requirements.

Those who suffered paralyzing injuries, severe TBI, or the loss of a limb in a combat situation may not need to dig deep to find enough evidence to support their claim. However, not all injuries are so easy to prove, and the required medical documentation varies by the nature of the disability. Psychiatric illnesses resulting from PTSD are one example. Another more recent example involves respiratory ailments emerging from toxic exposure to burn pits.

What are VA Disability Benefits?

VA disability benefits are a form of regular, non-taxable, monthly compensation. In addition to a living stipend, those who require ongoing care can receive in-house nursing. If a family member provides in-house nursing, then the compensation can be paid to them. VA disability benefits are an important part of your contract with your country. Veterans who cannot work can still get the support they need.

With the number of applications at an all-time high due to recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the claims process can be more difficult than ever. The VA will routinely deny applications simply because they are not as “complete” as other applications. Having a lawyer prepare your case file can improve your chances of receiving benefits and expedite the timetable for application processing.

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The Comerford Law Office, LLC helps United States veterans file VA disability appeals with the VA. If your VA disability application was rejected, call our office today and we can begin discussing your appeal immediately.

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