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Veterans Benefits Attorney Near Me

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) covers certain injuries and conditions service members have sustained on the job. When these conditions make it difficult for individuals to continue performing their current roles within the military and could cause an obstacle for them in future employment, the VA supports a network of benefits.

If I am a disabled veteran, these benefits will help fill the vacancy of the wages I am no longer earning due to my injury. To receive these benefits, though, I have to file a benefits claim first. Filing can be completed online, via mail or through my local VA office, and a veterans benefits lawyer near me — such as the Comerford Law Office, LLC — may be able to help.

How Can a Veterans Benefits Attorney Help Me?

It is highly advisable that you retain legal counsel to file a benefits claim successfully. I know of several benefits that retaining a lawyer can bring. The claims process is complicated, especially for someone without a legal background or prior experience filing claims. At the Comerford Law Office, LLC, a veterans benefits attorney near me may be able to help me understand different aspects of the process and what step I am at during any given time. There are also other benefits, though, and some of these are:

  • My claim has a much better chance of being appropriately filed, within the deadlines and with all the paperwork filled out correctly. This helps minimize the chances of delay or denial for reasons within your control
  • To receive VA benefits, there must be proof of a disabling injury and evidence of military service, among other conditions. A VA benefits lawyer will have experience putting together the evidence required
  • Claims are frequently denied for one reason or another, and the appeals process needs its own proof and paperwork, both of which an attorney may be able to assist with.

The VA may deny a claim for many reasons, including a lack of evidence backing claims of injury while in uniform. The severity of a disability also factors into the VA’s decision: if it is assumed that I am not disabled severely enough to present a serious challenge to future employment, I may also have my claim denied. Even after being rejected, a veterans benefits lawyer near me can help me navigate the appeals process, usually resulting in further scrutiny of my service record and injury. This process often requires new evidence and revisions to the information used in the original filing.

What Are My Rights?

The VA secures certain rights for veterans, including the right to receive benefits for disabling injuries and conditions, directly and indirectly, corresponding with time spent in the military. Additionally, an individual’s spouse may qualify.

Some of the most common injuries and conditions that receive benefits include:

Following an unsuccessful filing — if a claim was denied — a veterans benefits lawyer near me can help me file an appeal. The appeals process can be seen as a “second chance” for disabled veterans with denied claims. It is important to keep in mind that there is a limited timeframe for appealing a denied claim.

An Experienced Veterans Benefits Attorney Near Me

As noted above, the Comerford Law Office, LLC’s veteran benefits attorney near me — or you — can help keep you organized and informed throughout the claims and appeals process. This entire process can be overwhelming and confusing for anyone without prior experience in the field, and legal counsel can go a long way towards easing my process and securing the benefits I am entitled to within the VA framework. Contact the Comerford Law Office, LLC today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case. Mr. Comerford has helped many veterans with their VA benefits already.

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