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Serving in the military can result in long-term injuries and conditions that make it impossible to continue your current position or other paid employment. For these situations, the Department of Veteran Affairs set up a system of benefits for disabled veterans.

Before you are entitled to any benefits, you must go through the process of filing for these claims, whether online or through your local VA office. If you are interested in filing for benefits through the VA, finding nearby legal counsel can help hasten the process and make sure all the requisite paperwork is filed correctly. You can find our excellent legal services by searching “Veterans attorney near me” and clicking on the Comerford Law Office, LLC website.

How can a Veterans Attorney Near Me Help?

There are some huge benefits to hiring experienced legal assistance when filing for a VA benefits claim. Included among these are:

  1. Correct filing – Many necessary forms must be filled out when filing a benefits claim. Misfiling any of these can result in significant delays in your process.
  2. Gathering evidence – Searching for a “veterans attorney near me” can help you find legal counsel which will, in turn, establish your record of service and evidence of your injury or condition. This is accomplished by gathering evidence that supports your claim.
  3. Deadlines – Many deadlines cannot be missed without jeopardizing your claim. A veterans attorney can help you keep track of these and get your claim filed on time.
  4. Denied claims – Understanding the appeals process is often the key to receiving benefits after your claim has been denied. Legal counsel can help facilitate the appeals process when it is in your best interest to do so.

While these are all benefits of hiring an attorney, each claim is different. If you are wondering “is there a Veterans Attorney near me?”, look up the Comerford Law Office, LLC today.

Disabling Conditions

The VA only allows benefits for certain conditions. Generally, these conditions stop you — fully or partially — from completing your job in the military and elsewhere. Here are a few of these conditions:

  • Hearing and vision loss;
  • Cancer;
  • Gulf War Syndrome;
  • PTSD;
  • Brain injuries;
  • Health complications caused by shrapnel wounds;
  • Back & neck pain; and
  • Head injuries

The appeals process allows you to argue your claim for benefits under one or more of these conditions (or the many others not included on the list). If you’re wondering “is there a veterans attorney near me who can help?”, then speak with the Comerford Law Office, LLC today.

How Can I Contact a Veterans Attorney Near Me?

If you believe you have been disabled in the military, making further employment difficult, you may be entitled to VA benefits. Experienced legal counsel can often assist; search “Veterans Attorney near me,” then contact the Comerford Law Office, LLC to schedule your first consultation.

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