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When we ask our own citizens to fight on foreign soil to safeguard our rights, we also put upon ourselves certain obligations that are supposed to be fulfilled by our government. The brave men and women who go abroad at the call of our government come home with physical and psychological injuries that may make it more difficult for them to sustain gainful employment.

An estimated 3.8 million former military men and women came home with injuries that impact their ability to sustain a living and get a job. When this happens, the Department of Veterans Affairs is supposed to provide them with benefits that help them both support themselves and get the medical attention that they need. Yet too often, veterans find themselves in the difficult position of making their cases to the VA. This is where an experienced Indianapolis VA lawyer can help.

What Disabilities Qualify for VA Benefits?

Both physical and psychiatric disabilities should qualify for benefits. These include:

What are Veterans’ Benefits?

Veterans’ disability benefits are regular monthly payments that are not taxable. Much like social security, they are protected income that cannot be touched by debt collectors. These funds are intended to support veterans who cannot work or are limited in the type of work they can perform due to injuries that they sustained while in the military.

In addition to the above, veterans and their families can also qualify for Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) if they require daily living assistance or they have sustained specific injuries such as the loss of a limb. Spouses of those with these injuries can receive compensation benefits to aid in the daily attendance they provide their loved one.

These benefits are essential to those who need them. Without them, they may not have the means to support themselves or live independently. They are not a hand-out. They are funds that you were promised when you joined the military if you were unable to support yourself because of your service. 

Nonetheless, the VA forces everyone who files a claim to prove their case before a judge. If they cannot, then their claim could be denied. If this has happened to you or you are worried that it might, the Indianapolis VA layers at Comerford Law Office, LLC can file your claim on your behalf and ensure you have the medical documentation necessary to prove it. 

VA Lawyers in Indianapolis

If you have been denied benefits or are unsure how to apply, call the Indianapolis VA attorneys at Comerford Law Office, LLC to learn more about how we can help. 

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