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VA lawyers help Chicago veterans file disability claims with the Veterans’ Association. While you were promised disability coverage if you were ever injured in the line of duty, proving certain types of disabilities can be quite difficult. The VA expects that you will be able to use medical evidence to make a legal argument that meets a specific standard of proof. For that reason, the majority of VA disability applications are denied on their first try. Once you have an active appeal open with the VA, you may enlist the aid of a Chicago VA lawyer who will take over your claim and prove it on your behalf.

The Comerford Law Office, LLC has provided services to U.S. veterans for over 20 years. We proudly advocate on behalf of those who have made great sacrifices to protect our country. If your disability claim has been rejected by the VA and you want to appeal that decision, call our Chicago VA lawyers today.

What types of disabilities are eligible for compensation?

There is no limit to the types of disabilities that are covered by the VA. However, certain disabilities tend to be easier to prove than others. For example, those who suffered paralysis due to combat injuries aren’t going to have to try very hard to prove that their disability was acquired in the line of duty and it impairs their ability to work. However, not all disabilities are so obvious. Below, we’ve listed types of disabilities that often get caught up in red tape. 

  • Traumatic brain injury – It can be very difficult to establish how damaged a person’s brain is from head trauma, how much it impacts their daily living, and whether or not it prevents them from remaining employed. Lawyers often work closely alongside an applicant’s doctors to prove these cases, but TBI injuries are not as obvious as others.
  • Psychiatric injuries, PTSD, and “shell shock” – PTSD is associated with higher incidences of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. While you can’t look at someone and tell they have this condition, it severely impairs their ability to remain employed. We are realized that first responders often have PTSD-related conditions and that the incidence of suicide among firefighters, police officers, and EMTs is considerably higher than in other professions. Former soldiers suffer related trauma that needs to be taken equally as seriously. 
  • Toxic exposure injuries – Soldiers come home with bizarre respiratory ailments that their doctors do not understand. Originally, Agent Orange exposure was the headliner for these types of cases, but Gulf War Syndrome, a condition that doctors insisted was not real, is now eligible for compensation. More recently, respiratory problems related to burn pits outside of Iraq and Afghanistan are the latest in toxic exposure claims.

How can a Chicago VA lawyer help me?

The Comerford Law Office, LLC will coordinate with your doctors, counselors, family, former military associates, and vocational counselors to produce an ironclad case file for your VA disability appeal. Call today to schedule a free consultation and we can begin discussing your options immediately. 

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