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If you are a veteran seeking benefits for a disability in Chicago and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is responsible for those benefits, a VA lawyer in Chicago can be an asset. The attorneys at Comerford Law Office work daily to get veterans fair disability ratings and the benefits they are entitled to. We will help you, too.

What a VA Lawyer in Chicago Can Do for You

For veterans who need to file a VA disability claim or pursue an appeal, a VA lawyer in Chicago can:

  • Review the current status of your claim
  • Explain the reason why the VA denied your claim (if you are at the appeal stage)
  • Strategize about how to move forward

Once you and your lawyer establish an initial plan, your attorney will execute that plan. For both claims and appeals, a VA lawyer’s responsibilities may include the following:

  • Helping you get medical care: One of the primary reasons the VA denies claims is a lack of documentation. Your lawyer will help you arrange all medical care necessary to get the documentation the VA requires of you. Your attorney can also prepare you for all medical appointments.  
  • Securing documentation for your claim or appeal: Your attorney can get service records, medical images, medical records, and any other documentation that will benefit your claim or appeal.
  • Dealing with the VA: Communicating with the VA is a significant part of any claim or appeal and can be a frustrating part of the process. Having handled claims and appeals on a regular basis, your attorney will know how to cut through the confusion and misleading directions from the VA, instead completing your claim or appeal as efficiently as possible.
  • Completing every other step of your claim or appeal: There is no way to tell how a claim or appeal will unfold until the process is complete. Your attorney will be by your side, leading your claim or appeal through every hurdle. 

Determining which type of claim or appeal to file is not even an easy decision, as the VA allows veterans to file several different claim types. By hiring a VA lawyer in Chicago, you allow yourself to focus on recovery while freeing your lawyer to fight for the benefits you deserve.

Why Do Veterans in Chicago Hire Attorneys Rather Than Handling Their Own Claim or Appeal?

Veterans hire VA lawyers in Chicago because:

  • They know the stakes of their claim or appeal are high, and they want a lawyer to lend their experience and knowledge of the VA.
  • They have health issues that prevent them from putting forth the strongest claim or appeal possible.
  • They believe that a lawyer can protect their rights and help the success of their claim.

Many veterans embrace an “all hands on deck” mentality when it comes to seeking VA disability benefits, and for many, this means hiring a lawyer.

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