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The process of filing a VA disability benefits application is not necessarily easy. You have to make both a legal and a medical argument for why you are entitled to VA disability benefits. Not only are you required to meet criteria that are imposed by the VA, but you must also provide medical evidence to support your claim.

For that reason, many veterans have had success with the help of an accredited VA disability attorney, James R. Comerford.

Why Choose the Comerford Law Office?

James R. Comerford is a board-certified and accredited VA disability attorney. He is also a member of the National Organization of Veteran’s Advocates (NOVA). He has helped thousands of veterans all throughout Illinois apply for and receive VA disability benefits. He can also help those who have filed applications and had them rejected appeal those rulings. 

Why are VA Disability Benefits Rejected?

Those applying for VA disability benefits must be able to prove that two elements are true. First, you must be able to prove that the injury was sustained in the line of duty. Second, you must show that this injury prevents or impairs your ability to sustain gainful employment. 

Some applicants have injuries that are easy to see. For instance, those who lost limbs may not have to work too hard to receive benefits. But not everyone has a disability that is easy to see. Some folks have psychiatric disabilities like PTSD or brain injuries that reduce cognitive ability, emotional regulation, or executive function. In other cases, conditions like Gulf War Syndrome are not fully understood. It is these folks who need the help of skilled VA benefits attorneys.

How can an Attorney Help?

VA disability benefits attorneys help veterans present ironclad case files to those who make decisions on whether applications are approved or rejected. This can be complicated by several factors. For those with psychiatric injuries, it will be more difficult to prove that it was a result of their service in the armed forces. It can also be difficult to prove that this disability prevents you from working. 

In most cases, the VA rejects applications simply because there is not enough information to support the claims being made. The VA will force you into the position of proving your disability is real, it was caused by your service, and that it prevents you from working. 

Comerford Law Office will speak directly to your doctors, help get the proof you need to complete your case file, and discuss your work limitations with a vocational counselor.

Find a VA Disability Lawyer Near Me

If you have just begun the process of applying for VA benefits or have had your application denied, call the VA disability lawyers at Comerford Law Office today to learn more about how we can help.

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