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VA Disability Benefits Attorney Near Me

Most self-filed disability benefits applications are denied by the VA claims department. Why? The most common reason is a lack of evidence to either prove that the condition is chronic or a lack of proof that the condition is service-related.

Not being a doctor, most veterans find themselves ill-suited to the task of filing such a claim. But having an accredited VA disability benefits attorney on your side can make all the difference.

Why are VA Benefits Claims Denied?

As a claimant on the VA disability benefits fund, you are required to prove that you have a chronic debilitating condition and that this condition is directly related to your service to your country. This requires that you supply the VA claims department with medical evidence that proves a direct connection between your condition and your service. 

The VA disability benefits attorneys at the Comerford Law Office have helped thousands of veterans file ironclad claim files and get the benefits that they desperately need (and deserve).

Who is James R. Comerford?

James R. Comerford is an accredited member of the National Organization of Veterans Advocates (NOVA) and is authorized by the United States government to represent veterans who are seeking to obtain monetary relief for health issues that were caused by their service to their country. In other words, we help America’s veterans file claims and advocate on their behalf.

Why do I Need a VA Disability Benefits Attorney?

Most veterans are ill-suited to the task of navigating the red tape involved with filing a successful disability claim. They are also ill-suited to the task of making a medical argument as to why they are entitled to VA benefits. Case files can be incredibly complicated and when the VA denies a claim, it will not always be apparent why the claim is not entitled to benefits.

Veterans who have had claims denied or are otherwise struggling with the application process often hire accredited attorneys to advocate on their behalf and manage the claims process. We are familiar with the requirements that the VA employs when awarding benefits and generally know what medical evidence will be required to file a successful claim.

VA Disability Benefits Attorney Near Me

The Comerford Law Office has represented hundreds of Illinois veterans filing disability claims with the VA. Our mission is to see that every veteran who is entitled to file a VA disability claim gets the benefits that they were promised. Because the fund has limited resources, the VA will deny claims that do not provide sufficient medical evidence. Our job is to make sure your claim file is not one of those that are denied.

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