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Filing a claim on the VA’s disability fund is a long, difficult, and frustrating process. In most cases, applications for VA disability benefits will be denied on the first try. That is when it is time to get a lawyer to help you file an appeal. A Chicago VA claims attorney can improve your chances of successfully filing an appeal. The Comerford Law Office helps Chicago-area veterans file claims on the VA’s disability fund.

What types of disabilities qualify?

All types of disabilities qualify. That includes psychiatric conditions that were exacerbated as a result of active combat. Physical injuries too can be compensated so long as they greatly reduce your ability to remain gainfully employed. Some disabilities, like Agent Orange exposure and Gulf War Syndrome, require years to prove the condition even exists. 

In each case, the aid of a VA disability claims attorney can improve your chances of successfully being awarded benefits and supplementing your family’s income with benefits that you were promised when you joined the U.S. military.

What are VA disability benefits?

VA disability benefits are a form of regular, monthly, nontaxable income that is provided directly to you and your family by the VA. To qualify for benefits, you must first file a claim on the fund. This claim usually comes back denied. That is when a VA claims attorney is authorized to come in and begin litigating the claim on your behalf. Our job is to determine why your claim was denied and then get the necessary evidence required to prove your disability is disabling enough to prevent you from supporting your family.

Those who qualify get regular monthly payments on top of any in-house nursing or medical requirements they may have. In the event that a spouse or close family member provides those services, the check can be sent to them. 

The VA disability appeals process

Once your application is rejected, you can then bring a VA disability attorney into the process to file an appeal on your behalf. Our job is to figure out why your application was denied or petition the VA to have you rerated so your disability rating is high enough to get benefits. We work with you, your family, vocational counselors, and your doctors to build an ironclad case file that proves that your disability is real, stems from your active duty, and substantially impairs your ability to work.

Call a VA Claims Attorney in Chicago Today

If you have suffered a disability because of your active military duty and have already had your application for VA benefits denied, call the Chicago VA claims attorneys at The Comerford Law Office and allow our skilled team to begin working on your appeal.

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