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If I am suffering from injuries or disabilities I received while serving in the military, I am entitled to certain benefits under the law. These benefits are moderated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and are meant to compensate me for the wages I can’t earn, due to my disability.

However, to receive these benefits, I must first file a benefits claim online, via mail or through my local VA office. The VA benefits lawyers near me — located at the Comerford Law Office, LLC — may be able to help with this process.

How a VA Benefits Lawyer Near Me can Help

The claims process can be fairly tricky to navigate without prior experience, and I found that receiving help from the Comerford Law Office, LLC VA benefits lawyer near me had many benefits. Some of these were:

  • My claim filed properly, on time and with all the required paperwork completed, so I can minimize my chances of being delayed or denied for technical reasons;
  • They can help me prepare for my claim hearing;
  • I am assisted with gathering evidence that proves my record of service and my injury, both of which are necessary when filing for VA benefits;
  • I can get help throughout the appeals process if the VA denies my claim.

There is a good chance my claim will be denied for one of several reasons, including a lack of evidence supporting my claims of service or disability. I may also be rejected if the VA does not believe I am disabled severely enough to warrant benefits. However, if the VA denies my claim, a VA benefits lawyer near me can help appeal the decision, giving me another chance to receive benefits. This process could require additional evidence or revising the information I provided when originally filing the claim.

What are my Rights?

My veterans rights include the right to receive benefits for disabilities, directly and indirectly, related to my time spent in the military. If I lost a limb in combat or developed a severe long-term condition from exposure at my station, I can be covered by VA benefits. Additionally, my spouse may qualify.

Some typical conditions I could receive benefits for are:

Even if the VA initially denies my claim, I can retain the services of a VA benefits lawyer near me from the Comerford Law Office, LLC.  This assistance may help me undertake the appeals process. The appeals process gives me a second chance at receiving benefits; many claims are denied initially but are successfully argued during the appeals process, resulting in benefits. Remember, though: there is only a small period for appealing the initial decision.

An Experienced VA Benefits Lawyer Near Me

Retaining the services of a VA benefits lawyer near me can help throughout many steps of the claims process, helping me avoid mistakes and often improving my chances of receiving benefits. Get started with the experienced legal minds at the Comerford Law Office, LLC today to understand your rights, the filing process, and appeals. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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