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VA Benefits Denial Attorney Near Me

The VA denies the vast majority of disability applications it gets each year. These denied applications can be turned over to a VA benefits denial attorney who can file an appeal on your behalf. The Comerford Law Office serves veterans in Illinois and Indiana and can help you recover the money you were promised if your service-related injuries ever left you unable to work. 

Why was my application denied?

The VA denies the vast majority of applications they receive. Generally, the application simply does not have enough information for them to approve it, or at least that is their official reason. In truth, they want to make the process as difficult as possible to exhaust weak or fraudulent claimants. Yet there are only three criteria that must be met for a claim to be honored. Those are:

  • You are former active-duty U.S. military
  • You sustained an injury related to your active duty
  • This injury prevents you from sustaining gainful employment

In most cases, it will not be clear how substantial your injury is. This can be especially true of situations where your injuries are psychiatric in nature. The VA will demand direct proof of any claim you make. This is where most veterans get stuck.

Filing an appeal

If your VA disability application comes back denied and you want to proceed with the process of filing an appeal, your next call should be to the nearest VA benefits denial attorney to begin the process of building your case file. Many mistakes can be made during this process which will require you to start the application all over again. An attorney can help you build on your original claim.

VA disability claims attorneys will work with your doctors, family, former associates from the military, and vocational counselors to build an ironclad case file that proves every element of your disability. In many cases, your VA disability rating may be too low to collect benefits. Yet the VA is compelled to honor claims in which active-duty injuries result in weaker earning power, especially when your earning power dips below your own needs and that of your family.

VA disability benefits are important to your family

VA disability benefits are a regular form of nontaxable monthly income provided directly to you by the U.S. government. In addition to supplemental income, the VA will pay for in-home nursing, even if that nursing is provided to you by a family member. You were promised these benefits when you joined the military. The U.S. government owes these benefits to any former military member who was injured in the line of duty and can no longer work as a result.

VA Benefits Denial Attorney Near Me

The Comerford Law Office files appeals on behalf of injured U.S. veterans. Call today to begin the process of collecting the VA benefits you were promised when you signed up to defend your country.

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