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The Chicago VA disability attorneys at The Comerford Law Office, LLC help America’s veterans file disability claims with the VA. The process is often confusing and intentionally frustrating. The VA will protect the solvency of their disability fund zealously. The threshold of proof for filing such claims is, therefore, high. The following are the basics of what you need to know to successfully have your claim granted by the VA.

The VA disability process

Before you can begin the process of litigating your claim, you must submit an application to the VA and have it denied. Once your claim has been denied, you will be authorized to hire an attorney and begin the process of appeal. It is then that a lawyer can help you through the process of proving your claim.

There are only three basic elements you will need to prove. Those include:

  • You were honorably discharged by the military
  • You suffered a service-related injury
  • Your service-related injury prevents you from working or severely limits the amount of work you can do

While it sounds simple, it seldom is. You are tasked with making a legal argument using medical proof. Certain cases may be easy to prove, but most will not be. A skilled Chicago VA attorney improves your chances of filing a successful claim with the VA.

What does VA disability compensation provide?

Those who file successful claims with the VA will be entitled to recover a monthly non-taxable payment from the government in addition to any in-home help with their needs including in-home nursing. If the in-home nursing is provided by a family member, then they can collect the money that would usually be paid to a professional. This helps veterans get back on their feet, ensure that their family’s needs are met, and ensure that their own needs are met. 

Ultimately, every veteran who sustained an injury in the line of duty is entitled to recover these benefits. 

Why did the VA deny my claim?

Just because the VA denied your claim, it doesn’t mean you have a bad claim or they think you are lying. It only means that you have failed to provide enough evidence that your injury is linked to your military service or that it prevents you from working. Your attorney’s job is to gather that information from doctors, your fellow servicemen and women, your family, and vocational counselors. We help you build an ironclad case file that the VA cannot reject due to lack of information.

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The Comerford Law Office, LLC represents America’s veterans in claims with the VA. If you were injured as part of your active service, you may be entitled to benefits. Call today to schedule an appointment and discuss the matter in further detail.

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