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Members of the military are naturally more likely to sustain injuries over their years of hard service. When this happens, and a servicemember is no longer able to do their job, they have access to certain benefits under the law. However, this process requires that they file a benefits claim before receiving any of the aforementioned benefits.

If you are a disabled veteran who is interested in securing VA benefits, experienced legal counsel may help you understand and navigate the benefits process. Just search “VA attorney near me” and click on the Comerford Law Office, LLC.

Benefits of a VA Attorney Near Me

There are several main benefits to retaining legal counsel before starting the claims process. Some of these include:

  • Correct filing – anyone who has worked with the U.S. Government knows that there is a lot of paperwork, involved in most transactions. Filing for VA Benefits is no exception, and one misfiled form can delay your process.
  • Evidence accrual – Retaining the services of a seasoned “VA Attorney near me“, such as the team at the Comerford Law Office, LLC can help you amass specific evidence proving your years of service and documenting your injury or condition.
  • Deadlines – Missing a critical deadline, as with misfiling, often results in lengthy delays — or outright rejection — for your claims process.
  • Denied claims – Benefits claims are often rejected — more and more so every year. If this happens to you, a VA attorney can help you understand the best options and the appeals process, if it comes to that.

An experienced VA attorney can help you with all these parts of the process and more. F you are planning on filing for a claim, or have already been denied, search for a “VA Attorney near me” and contact the Comerford Law Office, LLC today.

Disabling Conditions

Before you can begin filing, it is crucial that you understand which conditions are covered under Veteran Disability. Mostly, these conditions mean that you can no longer fulfill your role in the military, and may have trouble performing a job elsewhere. Some of the most common conditions covered include:

  • Hearing and vision loss;
  • Cancer;
  • Gulf War Syndrome;
  • PTSD;
  • Brain injuries;
  • Back & neck pain; and
  • Head injuries

If your claim to benefits under one of these conditions — or the many others not included on the list — was denied, you may still pursue benefits through the appeals process. Searching for an experienced “VA attorney near me” can help you navigate the appeals process.

Contact a VA Attorney Near Me

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is able to grant you certain benefits if you were injured in the military. Skilled legal counsel may be able to help, and searching for a “VA attorney near me” can go a long way when navigating the various paperwork and deadlines of the filing and appeals process. Contact the Comerford Law Office, LLC today to schedule a consultation.

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