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For those who served in America’s armed forces, the US government provides a disability package if a soldier is wounded in the line of duty. For the average person, however, the claims process is often frustrating and difficult to navigate. For that reason, having a VA attorney near Indianapolis to help you navigate the VA disability benefits application process is essential to a successful resolution.

Why Trust the Comerford Law Office?

James R. Comerford is a member of the National Organization of Veterans Advocates (NOVA). He has committed his practice to helping protect the rights of disabled veterans and ensure their financial stability for years to come. Those requesting help with the application or appeals process require an experienced VA benefits lawyer who understands the system and how it works.

What are VA Benefits?

Veterans’ benefits include a regular monthly payment that enjoys the same nontaxable status as civilian disability benefits. The fund is intended to support veterans who are no longer able to work due to injuries suffered in the line of duty. While often, these injuries involve physical injuries related to serious accidents or battle, they do not always. Psychiatric and psychological injuries are covered, as well. 

Furthermore, family members who stay home to care for a wounded veteran can also receive benefits if they require assistance with daily living. 

Why Did the VA Deny My Claim?

The VA will deny the vast majority of claims because they have a vested interest in protecting the solvency of their fund against fraudulent or weak claims. The process is intentionally frustrating because they are hoping that those with weak claims will simply give up. More often than not, the official reason given for denying a claim is a lack of information. 

Technically, you must be able to prove two things. First, that you sustained a serious injury in the line of duty. Second, this injury prevents or seriously impairs you from sustaining gainful employment. 

What Types of Disabilities Qualify for a Claim?

While all disabilities count toward a disability rating, some are easier to prove than others. For instance, someone who lost a limb in battle will have less of a struggle filing a claim than someone who now suffers severe PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or a psychiatric injury. The exams used to diagnose these conditions are more subjective, which gives the committee more wiggle room to deny the claim.

Even veterans with conditions like Gulf War Syndrome and Agent Orange exposure, which were once nearly impossible to file a claim for, are now receiving benefits for these illnesses.

File a Claim for VA Benefits Near Indianapolis

The Comerford Law Office proudly represents America’s veterans in and around the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about how our services can help you can your family gain the financial stability you need.

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