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VA-Accredited Attorneys in Illinois

VA-accredited attorneys help Illinois veterans file claims with the VA or appeal denials of their claims. These are attorneys who are recognized by the VA and authorized to represent the interests of veterans who are attempting to make a disability claim.

The accreditation program ensures that veterans receive a high standard of representation and get the benefits they are entitled to by law. In this article, we will discuss how an Illinois VA-accredited attorney can help you.

What is a VA-Accredited Attorney?

VA-accredited attorneys are one of a number of individuals who are authorized by the VA to manage VA benefits claims. They include attorneys, claims agents, and veteran service organizations. 

The process for becoming a VA-accredited attorney requires specialized training in addition to having a law degree. We are legally authorized to represent veterans, service members, and their dependents. Individuals who are not accredited in this capacity are not allowed to represent veterans when filing claims with the VA.

Why do I Need an Attorney to File a VA Disability Claim?

Not all cases are easy to maneuver. For those who have lost limbs in combat, filing a VA disability benefits claim may be simple, but for others, their injuries are not so easy to recognize.

Sometimes veterans have psychiatric issues related to their service, such as PTSD. Other times, they have conditions that are not fully understood, such as Gulf War Syndrome. In still other cases, it may not be apparent how their injury is connected to their years of service. Sometimes it is not easy to prove that your disability prevents you from maintaining your standard of living.

The VA disability benefits program ensures that no matter how difficult your life has become, you are given a fair standard of living. But filing a claim on this fund can often prove frustrating. Veterans may not be in a position to know what evidence will prove their case. So when they receive a denial in a language they can barely understand, they are not sure what to do next.

VA-accredited attorneys can ensure that your claim file contains all the information you need to have your application approved by the VA. This includes medical evidence, evidence that your condition is related to your service, and evidence that your impairment makes it difficult to sustain gainful employment. 

Find a VA-Accredited Attorney in Illinois

If you are confused about the claims process or have had your claim denied, The Comerford Law Office provides top-quality representation to Illinois-area veterans. Call our office today to learn more about how we can help you get the benefits that you deserve.

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