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Veterans who satisfy certain requirements are eligible for federal benefits, including disability benefits, access to healthcare services, and employment and education assistance.

To find out whether you or a loved one qualify for any of these benefits, please contact a dedicated Schererville VA benefits lawyer who is well-versed in federal and state law and can explain your legal options.

Disability Benefits

Former servicemen and women who suffer from injuries or disabilities that can be linked to their military service are often eligible to collect a monthly monetary disability payment, but only if they can prove that:

  • Their disability is at least 10% disabling; or
  • They suffer from at least two service-connected disabilities that have 0% ratings.

In most cases, veterans who receive a higher disability rating can expect to receive a greater monthly payment. For example, former service members who have a disability that is 30% disabling or more can collect additional compensation to help support any dependents. Veterans who have disabilities with ratings of 50% or more, on the other hand, are eligible to receive free treatment from the VA.

Healthcare Services

Unlike disability benefits, healthcare services offered by the VA are not only available to veterans who suffered injuries while on active duty, but to any enrolled veterans. These individuals are given access to a medical benefits package that includes primary, preventive, and specialty care. To qualify for medical benefits a veteran must have:

  • Served in the active military and been separated under non-dishonorable conditions; and
  • Served for at least two years, or for the full period of time for which he or she was called to serve.

To ensure that the application process goes as smoothly as possible, veterans should make sure that they have copies of their discharge papers, as well as financial information about their gross income, and any documentation related to a spouse’s healthcare insurance.

Employment and Education Benefits

In addition to healthcare services and disability benefits, the federal government also offers veterans access to The Employment Benefits Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program. This program helps eligible veterans who suffer from service-related disabilities and injuries obtain employment after they are released from the service. In fact, both Illinois and Indiana offer similar state-based programs that provide help with vocational training and job placement. Veterans who need assistance when seeking further education can also receive funding from the VA under the Montgomery GI Bill or the Post 9/11 GI Bill, which help pay for tuition, housing, books, and supplies.

Call a Schererville VA Benefits Lawyer

If you have questions about your eligibility for VA benefits or need help filing a Form 9 appeal, please call dedicated VA accredited attorney, James R. Comerford. You can reach a member of our legal team at The Comerford Law Office, LLC by phone or by sending an email to info@comerfordllc.com. Initial consultations are offered free of charge, so please do not hesitate to call or contact us online today.

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