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The United States Government reports that there are nearly 4 million veterans in our country who have either partial or total disabilities that are related to their time serving in the armed forces. We need to protect these veterans. Under the law, qualified disabled veterans are entitled to compensation, both in the form of medical benefits and income benefits.

However, unfortunately, VA benefits can be very hard to recover. This is where our legal team can help. At the Comerford Law Office, LLC, our compassionate Rockford veterans benefits lawyer is committed to fighting for the rights of veterans and their families.

We are Officially Accredited to Handle VA Benefits Claim

Rockford veterans benefits attorney James R. Comerford is officially accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Mr. Comerford has the legal authority to handle any aspect of you veterans benefit claims, from the initial preparation to an appeal, should one be required. If you have a service-connected disability to disease, please seek help from our legal team. We have handled cases involving a wide variety of different conditions. Some prominent examples include:

How Our VA Rights Law Firm Will Help You

VA benefits applications can take a long time to process. For veterans, this may not be surprising information to learn. After all, you are probably aware of just how much bureaucracy there is to deal with in these cases. Still, it does not make the situation any less frustrating. The National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates (NOVA) reports that initial application may take up to six months to receive a decision, while an appeal can take up to two additional years. Our firm knows how to help you get the maximum available benefits as quickly as possible. We can help you assemble all of the documents and records needed to make a persuasive initial claim, this includes everything from medical records and military records to witness statements. Further, if necessary, we are ready to fight aggressively for your rights during the appeal process. James R. Comerford will take your claim as far as it needs to go to get you the full compensation that you have earned.

Consult With Our Rockford Veterans Rights Attorney Today

At the Comerford Law Office, LLC, we are proud to support Illinois veterans and their families. If you need assistance obtaining VA benefits for yourself or a family member in Rockford, please call us today at 312-863-8572 to request your free consultation. We represent veterans throughout Winnebago County, including in Machesney Park, Loves Park and Rockton.

To have your case evaluated by an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer, please call The Comerford Law Office, LLC at 312-863-8572 today.

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