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Every day, brave men and women fight on foreign soil and protect United States citizens.

Yet, those same men and women have a difficult time receiving the veterans’ benefits that they deserve.

If you are a veteran who has suffered a physical or mental disability while serving your country, you qualify for assistance in many areas of your life. Contact the Orland Park veterans benefits attorneys at the Comerford Law Office to discuss your legal rights and options.

Benefits That Come With VA Benefits

Veterans and their families can rely on VA benefits when they need housing, financial assistance with their disabilities, and life insurance. Some benefits can provide financial support for veterans who cannot work because of their disabilities. Many veterans believe that medical evidence is enough to prove their disability. But that is not always the case. The VA may deny claims for several reasons.

Because the application process is complex, you need a skilled veteran benefits attorney on your side to guide you.

Struggling To Get VA Disability Benefits

Because of the difficulty with the application process, you may be having issues getting the fair benefits you deserve. Some of the common issues with VA disability claims involve:

  • Understanding which disabilities make you eligible for compensation
  • Understanding the appropriate rating for your disabilities
  • Filling out all of the necessary paperwork for your claim
  • Understanding the medical aspects of your claim

Unfair Treatment From VA Officials

A skilled veterans benefits attorney can also protect you from unfair treatment by VA officials.

There are several occasions where you can experience unfair treatment by VA officials. The officials can deny your claim unjustifiably.

They can judge your disability based on the wrong ratings and handle your claim in the most unprofessional manner. You need the right advocate when you feel you are being treated unfairly throughout the claim process.

Search For Additional Benefits For You

Our Orland Park veterans benefits attorneys can help maximize your benefits. In addition to your monthly disability benefits, you are entitled to several benefits, including:

  • Housing grants that can help you purchase or build a home
  • Veterans’ mortgage life insurance, an insurance policy for veterans who have built, remodeled, or purchased a home with the Adapted Housing Grant.
  • Service-disabled veterans’ insurance offers permanent plans and term insurance with a maximum amount of $10,000

Gathering The Best Evidence

Our firm can also gather the strongest evidence for your VA disability claim. This includes medical records from the branch of the military in which you served, your private medical records, and an independent medical opinion when needed. We can also gather the statements of your family members, friends, and fellow service members to add credibility to your claim.

Talk To A Trusted Orland Park Veterans Benefits Attorney Today

The Comerford Law Office, LLC is here to help all those who made costly sacrifices for our country. If you or a loved one deserve VA disability benefits and keep getting denied, our team might be able to help. Complete our contact form today to schedule an appointment with an experienced Orland Park veterans benefits attorney.

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