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The attorneys at The Comerford Law Office, LLC represent America’s veterans in VA disability claims. The following is a brief overview of the VA claims process and how our Orland Park VA claims lawyers can help you pursue the benefits you deserve for your service.

Step 1: Consultation

The Comerford Law Office represents those who have had their initial VA disability applications denied. We will analyze the VA’s decision and determine if there are any actionable errors on behalf of the VA. In some cases, the applicant has failed to provide the VA with sufficient information concerning their claim. Some claims may simply be more difficult than others to prove. Indeed, those who have suffered bodily injury as a result of combat may not require the services of an attorney to file an appeal.

Step 2: Offer of Representation

After we have reviewed your case and decided that we can help, we will offer you a contract for representation. We may only offer contracts after the VA has denied a claim. We enter the fray only during the appeals process. A veteran, therefore, must have an open claim with the VA before we may offer representation. 

Step 3: File Review

After we submit your contract for representation to the VA, the VA will make your service and medical records available to us. 

Step 4: Litigation Strategy

To prove a VA disability claim, your injuries must cross a specific threshold. Your case file will need to include information on how you sustained your injury, the impact of your injury on your daily living, and your ability to sustain gainful employment in spite of that injury. 

The VA allows applicants to file three different types of appeals. Our team will determine which type of appeal is right for your case and then begin gathering evidence to support your claim.

Step 5: Gathering Evidence

We will then scour your medical records, both current and military, along with your service records, testimony from your doctors, testimony from your friends and family, and testimony from other service members to prove your claim. In some cases, we will need to hire a vocational counselor to determine what types of work you can or cannot do and whether that is work for which you are qualified. 

Step 6: Submitting Your Appeal

Once we have strengthened your case to apply for VA benefits, we will submit your appeal and await their decision. 

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The Comerford Law Office, LLC proudly represents America’s veterans in recovering disability payments for which they are entitled and qualified. Call today to begin the process of appealing the VA’s denial of benefits with a seasoneƒd Orland Park VA claims lawyer.

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