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The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program plays a key role in helping injured employees cover their medical bills and living expenses.

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Unfortunately, thousands of valid applications are denied every year, which makes it especially important for those who are struggling with a disability to contact an experienced Social Security disability lawyer in Oak Park who can ensure that their application, and all necessary supporting documentation, is submitted correctly and on time.

Application Requirements

There are four main things that applicants must prove before they can begin collecting disability benefits, including that:

  • Their medical condition satisfies the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) definition of disability;
  • They worked long enough to justify receiving benefits;
  • Their disability prevents them from working at their current job or anywhere else; and
  • Their income falls below the SSA’s threshold of $1,170 per month.

Proving these different elements requires the submission of a substantial amount of supporting documentation, including:

  • The contact information of treating physicians and the dates of visits;
  • The names and dosage of all prescribed medication;
  • Medical records from doctors, hospitals, and caseworkers;
  • Laboratory and diagnostic test results;
  • A summary of the places the applicant worked and a description of the type of work performed; and
  • A copy of the applicant’s most recent W-2 Form or federal tax return.

These documents can make all the difference in establishing that an applicant qualifies for disability benefits.

Demonstrating Disability

One of the most important aspects of any disability application is proving that a medical condition qualifies as a disability. When making this decision, Illinois Disability Determination Services will evaluate the following information:

  • The diagnosis given by the treating physician;
  • The date when the medical condition manifested itself;
  • How the medical condition limits the applicant’s activities;
  • The applicant’s test results; and
  • The type of treatment received.

On rare occasions, when the agency cannot find the information that it needs in an applicant’s medical records it will request an additional examination, usually conducted by the applicant’s own physician. If the evidence supports a diagnosis on the agency’s list or if there is evidence that the condition is as severe as a listed illness, the applicant can move on with the application process.

Work Tests

Once an applicant’s disability has been confirmed, he or she will need to satisfy the recent work test, which evaluates the age at which a person became disabled and the duration of work test, which shows how long he or she worked and paid Social Security taxes. Those who pass these tests and can demonstrate that they are unable to work will probably have their application approved and can begin receiving benefits.

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