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While many veterans are able to successfully transition to civilian life following their discharge, an alarming number of servicemen and women are unable to find employment or secure housing due to disability.

In an effort to help address these issues, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers disability compensation benefits to qualifying veterans who became ill or were injured while serving in the military. A wide range of ailments can support a claim for VA disability benefits, including physical conditions like chronic illnesses and traumatic brain injury, as well as mental health conditions, such as PTSD. To learn more about applying for disability benefits, or to speak to someone about a denied claim, please contact an experienced Oak Lawn VA disability lawyer who can advise you.

Am I Eligible for VA Disability Compensation?

Veterans who suffer from a current illness or injury that affects their body or mind could qualify for a monthly tax-free disability payment if they:

  • Served on active duty or on active duty for training or inactive duty training capacity; and
  • Have been assigned a disability rating for their service-connected medical condition by the VA. 

In addition to satisfying these requirements, claimants must also be able to prove that:

  • There is a link between their current condition and the illness or injury suffered during their time in the military; or
  • They suffered from an injury or illness prior to joining the military, which worsened the preexisting condition; or
  • They have been diagnosed with a disability that is related to their active duty service but did not appear until after they were discharged. 

While many illnesses qualify as disabilities for benefit purposes, certain conditions are automatically presumed to satisfy the definition of a disability, including:

  • Chronic illnesses that appeared within one year of discharge; or
  • Illnesses caused by contact with hazardous materials or contaminants; or
  • Illnesses caused by a person’s time as a prisoner of war. 

To learn more about whether your own injuries qualify as a disability, please contact our legal team today. 

Disability Housing Grants for Veterans

In addition to offering disability compensation to veterans, the VA also provides qualifying individuals with disability housing grants that can be used to purchase or modify a home to meet their physical needs. This could include everything from installing ramps and widening doorways to lowering countertops and building a specially adapted shower. The types of injuries and conditions that qualify as a disability depends on the type of grant being requested, so if you believe that you may qualify for a housing adaptation grant, it is important to speak with an attorney before submitting your claim. 

Vocational Rehabilitation

Veterans who have service-connected disabilities that limit their ability to work are often eligible for enrollment in the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program, which provides qualifying veterans with:

  • Job training;
  • Resume development services;
  • Job seeking skills coaching;
  • Independent living services;
  • Employment accommodations; and
  • Personalized counseling. 

To learn more about the education and career counseling services offered by the VA, please call our office today. 

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