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Northwest Indiana VA Benefits Attorney

In recognition of the sacrifices made by former servicemen and women across the country, both the federal and Indiana state governments have made a wide range of benefits available to veterans. 

Veterans who qualify for these benefits could be eligible to collect monthly disability payments, access to free healthcare services, memorial benefits, education benefits, and job training. Filing a claim for these benefits can be difficult, so if you are a resident of Indiana and believe that you or a loved one may qualify for veterans benefits, it is important to contact an experienced Northwest Indiana VA benefits attorney who can ensure that your claim or appeal is filed correctly and on time.

Available Benefits

The federal government offers a number of benefits, programs, and services to eligible veterans, including:

  • Monthly disability benefits, which are only available to former servicemen and women who suffer from medical conditions that were either incurred or aggravated during active military service;
  • Healthcare services, which include free access to primary, preventive, and specialty care, as well as counseling;
  • Employment services, which includes job training and placement, career guidance, and vocational rehabilitation;
  • Tuition assistance and coverage of monthly room and board costs, books, and other supplies;
  • Home loan assistance, refinancing, and grants to cover expenses related to adapting to a home; and
  • Memorial benefits, which include both burial and memorial services.

Besides providing benefits and services to veterans, the VA also offers financial assistance to the relatives of veterans, who could qualify for help with healthcare costs, household expenses, and tuition.

Indiana VA Benefits

In addition to the federal benefits offered by the VA, the state of Indiana also offers veterans access to a wide range of services. For instance, a number of programs, such as the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, the Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program, and the Local Veterans’ Employment Representative Program help veterans transition from the service to civilian life by offering job placement opportunities and training. Additional services include counseling, testing, and identifying employment and training opportunities.

Indiana also offers the following three state aid programs for tuition and fee exemption:

  • Tuition and fee exemption for the children of disabled veterans, POWs, or Purple Heart recipients;
  • Tuition and fee exemption for Indiana Purple Heart recipients; and
  • Tuition and fee exemption for students who formerly attended the Morton Memorial High School.

Veterans and their loved ones who believe that they may qualify for one of these programs will need access to a variety of documentation, such as VA award letters that provide a rating for service-connected disabilities, DD214 documents, which show a veteran’s wartime service record, proof of POW status or an award of the Purple Heart Medal, proof of relationship to the veteran if applying as a dependent, and proof of an Indiana address. For help ensuring that you have all of the documentation necessary to file a claim for education or employment benefits, please call our legal team today.

Northwest Indiana VA Benefits Attorney

Please contact The Comerford Law Office, LLC today to learn more about filing a claim for VA benefits. You can reach a member of our legal team via phone or email, or by submitting one of our brief online contact forms.

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