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Veterans who became ill or were injured while serving in the military often qualify for special disability benefits like disability compensation, vocational rehabilitation, and free healthcare services. For help determining whether you or a loved one is eligible, please contact an experienced Northbrook veterans disability lawyer in your area.

VA Disability Compensation 

Veterans who became ill or sustained an injury while serving in the military could be eligible for a monthly tax-free payment. In order to qualify for disability compensation, a Veteran must:

  • Have served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training; and
  • Have been diagnosed with a service-connected medical condition. 

In addition to these requirements, veterans must also be able to provide the VA with evidence demonstrating that:

  • They can link their current condition to an injury or illness sustained during their service; or
  • They suffered from an illness or injury before joining the military that was worsened as a result of their service; or
  • They have a medical condition that is related to their active duty service but did not appear until after discharge. 

Proving disability can be difficult unless a person suffers from an illness that falls under one of the following categories, in which case, the VA will presume that a condition qualifies as a disability:

  • A chronic illness that appeared within a year of retirement; or
  • An illness caused by contact with hazardous substances; or
  • An illness contracted due to the veteran’s time spent as a POW. 

For help determining whether your service-related condition satisfies the VA’s definition of a disability for compensation purposes, please contact our legal team today. 

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

Veterans who suffer from disabilities as a result of their time in the service could also qualify for vocational rehabilitation and employment services if those disabilities make it difficult or impossible to secure employment. However, to qualify for these services, a veteran must:

  • Have a service-connected disability rating of at least 10%; and
  • Have received a non-dishonorable discharge. 

Those who satisfy these eligibility requirements will have access to a wide range of services and programs, including:

  • A complete evaluation to determine a person’s skills, interests, and abilities for employment purposes;
  • Vocational counseling; 
  • Job training and resume development;
  • Apprenticeships and on-the-job training;
  • Post-secondary training at a vocational, technical, college, or business school;
  • Case management, medical referrals, and counseling; and
  • Independent living services. 

Which of these services a person qualifies for depends in large part on his or her illness and financial situation, so if you are a former service member and need help transitioning back to civilian life, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney about your eligibility for vocational rehabilitation benefits. 

Adaptive Housing Grants

Veterans with disabilities could also qualify for adaptive housing grants, which can be used to build or modify a home to meet their specific needs. Possible renovations include:

  • Widening doorways;
  • Installing ramps;
  • Adding concrete or asphalt walkways;
  • Installing handrails and grab bars;
  • Building garages and carports;
  • Modifying flooring materials; and
  • Improving security.

Please call our office today to learn more about applying for an adaptive housing grant. 

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