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Veterans in Illinois who meet certain requirements are eligible to receive both state and federal benefits, including disability benefits, healthcare benefits, and in some cases, pensions. For help filing your own claim, please contact a North Aurora VA benefits attorney today.

Who is Eligible for Federal Disability Benefits?

Disability benefits provided by the federal government are only made available to veterans who sustained injuries while on active duty. These benefits cover a wide range of injuries, including traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of a limb, tinnitus, hearing loss, and cognitive impairment. As long as a claimant can demonstrate that his or her injuries fall under one of the following three categories, he or she will be eligible for benefits:

  • Conditions or injuries that were caused or aggravated by service;
  • Disabilities that are presumed to be service-related, although they did not manifest until many years later; or
  • Secondary injuries.

Once an injury has been identified and diagnosed, it will be rated on a scale of 10 to 100% disabling. The amount that a veteran is able to receive in monthly payments to cover treatment, lost working time, rehabilitation, and job training will depend on the injury’s assigned level of severity.

VA Health Benefits

Aside from disability benefits, qualifying veterans can also collect VA health benefits, which ensure that a veteran’s inpatient and outpatient medical bills are covered. As long as a medical facility is approved, a veteran receiving healthcare benefits can take advantage of a number of services, including surgery, physical therapy, orthopedics, mental health care, and radiology. While these benefits are generally available to all veterans, the type of care that is covered by the VA depends in part on a veteran’s individual circumstances. However, most veterans can expect to have access to preventive care, such as periodic medical exams, immunizations, screening tests, and counseling.

VA Pensions

Unlike disability and healthcare benefits, VA pensions are intended to help supplement the income of qualifying veterans, which includes veterans who served during a period of war, have a limited income, and:

  • Are either 65 years old age or older; or
  • Have a disability that has been rated permanently or totally disabling.

Veterans whose claims are accepted will begin to receive a monthly payment, the amount of which will depend on the severity of their disability as well as their income. These payments can also be increased if the recipient later becomes housebound. However, there is an exception for servicemen and women who enlisted after 1980. These individuals can only receive a VA pension if they served for at least two years, or the full period of their contract, one day of which occurred during a period of war. Finally, the veteran must be 65 years of age or older, permanently or totally disabled, a resident of a nursing home, or be receiving Social Security benefits.

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