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Has your VA disability benefits claim been denied? You’re not alone. Many veterans find themselves in the same situation. However, it’s crucial to understand that a denial is not the end of the road. With the help of a seasoned Naperville VA appeals lawyer like those at the Comerford Law Office, you can navigate the complex appeals process and fight for the benefits you deserve. 

If you are dealing with a denied claim or a disability rating that is too low, contact our office to learn more about how we may be able to help.

Understanding the Different Types of Appeals and Decision Reviews

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers several avenues for appeal and decision review to veterans who have had their claims denied. These include:

  • Supplemental Claim: If you have new and relevant evidence that was not included in your initial VA claim, this type of review is appropriate.
  • Higher-Level Review: This is for when you believe there has been an error in the initial decision. Your claim will be reviewed by a higher-level VA staffer, but you will not have the option of submitting additional evidence.
  • Board Appeal: This is an appeal directly to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and includes three options: direct review, evidence submission, or a hearing. A hearing may be requested with or without additional evidence.

Each of these options has its own intricacies and requirements, which can be daunting to handle on your own. A skilled Naperville VA appeals lawyer can evaluate the evidence in your case and the reason for the denial to help you choose the type of appeal or decision review process that is most likely to be successful.

The Role of a Veterans’ Disability Lawyer in Your Appeal

Unfortunately, the VA often denies claims unfairly, and veterans are forced to fight for the benefits they are entitled to. An experienced VA disability attorney can guide you through each step of the appeal process and help ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and submitted timely. They will help you gather and present new evidence if needed, prepare for hearings, and advocate on your behalf to ensure your case is given the full consideration it deserves.

At the Comerford Law Office, we understand the frustration and stress that can come with a denied VA disability claim. We also understand the types of evidence required to adequately prove your claim to the VA. Our team is committed to providing compassionate, personalized service to help you navigate the appeals process and secure the benefits you’ve earned through your service.

Take the Next Step Today

Don’t let a denied claim deter you from pursuing the VA benefits you deserve. With the right legal assistance, you can confidently navigate the appeals process and improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

Contact the Comerford Law Office today for help with your denied VA disability claims. Our dedicated Naperville VA appeals lawyer is ready to assist you every step of the way. Let’s work together to ensure your service is honored and your rights are protected.

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